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Are Americans Waking Up?

If you read the news you just might end up thinking you are reading a plot for a cheaply made B grade movie. One man goes to jail for having the message on his billboard change too often, Secret Service men are investigated for bringing women for sexual favors into a secure area plus the economy is taking a nose dive, these headlines lay out a plot that doesn't even make sense.

You continue reading to find that the "Vaccine Police" are going from house to house attempting to force parents to bring their children to the door for shots and "Food Police" go from one organic store or farm destroying perfectly good food in the name of protecting America.

Are we beginning to get it? Do Americans finally see the big picture? Can anyone say "control", "insanity"? Recently we listened to a broadcast from the New Black Panthers that not only called white people racisits names, but plainly called for the physical harm of Zimmerman. No charges were brought to those who called for violence while elsewhere young children were arrested for simply drawing a gun on a piece of paper or writing their name on the desk they sit at day in and day out.

What is going on in America? The news reports a seriel childmolester who get more than 400 years in prision and laughs at his sentencing while HBO Angry Boys uses the images of a young girl drinking from a pink, plasitc penis in prime time TV. Are we all mad? Has insanity taken over due to something being in the water?

While all this is happening people are starting "causes" on Facebook to bring "God Back into the Schools". Where is GOD? How would you keep him/her out of the school? How can you ban prayer when it's done privately in your own heart and spirit?

Do you see the contradiction? Are you beginning to see the problem in America? There is a call for us to put GOD in charge while people take no responsiblity at all for their actions. GOD is blamed when things go wrong saying it's judgement for sin and yet people continue to sin. At what point do we begin to take responsiblity for our own actions? When do Americans wake up to self responsiblity and take action that changes things one person, one family at the time?

How can we continue to live with the insanity while crying out for GOD to be put back in authority? We must realize our own part in the insanity taking part in America. We are the ones going along with the illegal regulations, pat downs, destruction of private properity, corruption in government. We are the ones who must stand together and say No! We will no longer take part in a system that is corrupt and insane.

Neither government or GOD will do for humanity what we will not do for ourselves. Are you ready to wake up to your own responsibilty? Will you stand for what is good, honest & moves humanity forward? Now is the time. Americans Wake Up!


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