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Are all the players in place?

Are all the players in place?

Watching intently at what is in the world today, one can't help but wonder if "the end of the world is near?" What with the wars, and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places, volcanoes erupting, social upheavals, children turning on their parents, one is apt to lean toward to believing that.

All that is mentioned above are prophecies in the Bible that have been spot on as predicted. Books such as Daniel, Isaiah, revelations, just to name a few, mention exactly what is happening in the world today. For some people these are exciting times, for others, these are scary and unsettling times. Those who are scared can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, as well as God's hand in these troubling times.
For those who are excited know exactly what is happening, and they know how it is going to end. It is with great joy and and expectation they wait.

With everything that is playing out on the world stage today, one could only ask the question: are all the players in place? My own thinking is yes, but not all the circumstances have been resolved yet. There is still more to be done to bring the end into sight, and it still may take more time. But we are certain, those of us who are excited, that soon, very soon, we will see the beginning of the end. It is our job to show those who are confused and scared what is happening.

Russia has taken over Crimea, a part of the Ukraine, and it stands to reason that they will stage an invasion into Syria from there. China will more than likely move some troops to Crimea in support of the Russian initiative. From Syria, the next step is Israel. The Arab states will also start to organize themselves to move against Israel from the south and east. Other nations, possibly Europe, will move from the west. All of this may be happening in our life time. And if not, very soon after.

One mistake that we as believers make, we think we know how, when, and precisely how everything will fall into place. The Bible says that even the elect (believers) will be deceived. It is my guess that we, unless we are watching, will not see the dramatic changes. I believe that it will be very, very subtle; sneaking up on us until it is almost too late. I believe most believers won't be prepared if for some reason they are still here when everything lets loose. But for now, we need to ask ourselves if all the players are in place and are we ready?