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Are all religions the same?.....not by a long shot

Religious inclusion with many faiths sounds good, but somebody is compromising their standards during praise and worship.
Religious inclusion with many faiths sounds good, but somebody is compromising their standards during praise and worship.

Placing equal footing and value on all religions with a directive that rubber stamps “all religions are the same” undermines the unique attributes of each distinctive religion and ultimately shows immense disrespect towards each religion.

Under the smokescreen of inclusiveness and tolerance, in reality any attempt to homogenize all religions into one pot of goulash does far more damage by compromising the values and standards established by different religions. Typically those without religious training or preference expect interfaith cooperation among those with religious principles although there are irreconcilable differences in faith.

Treating all religion the same sounds wonderful, unfortunately the goals of each religion cannot be treated the same or spiritually reconciled. Some religions have no deities, some have one, and some have multiple deities or forms thereof.

Some allow expansion into other deities while others strictly forbid having loyalty to other gods. Some religions are void of any external representation towards any god.

It is a sacrilege for Jews, Christians, or Muslims to have any other religious entity present or to be called upon. If there is a compromise to the standards taught, then it can be done but only if there is not strict adherence to the expectations of those with religious principles. To put it succinctly, somebody living with religious principles has to compromise.

Old Testament books from the Bible have consistent results of what happens when a mixture of foreign religion or beliefs intermingle with the Jewish belief system. The confusion and mixture from the contradictions of worship and practice are recipes for disaster.

One example of what can go terribly wrong is being played out in Canada where the court is trying to intervene into Catholicism at a Catholic high school by restricting teachers from sharing their faith while forcing the teachers to teach that all religion is the same. The judicial branches of many countries have vacated interpreting the law and now have a habit of creating policy.

As stated this is an example of a secular organization blindly trying to force equal value of all religion into one standard while restricting the freedom of expression to share their Christian faith at a Christian organization. The court is instructing people to place equal value on other religions which is morally repugnant to any practicing fundamentalist regardless of what religion one is evaluating.

This idealistic concept of "all religion is the same" is not only unworkable, but it is inconceivable the expectation of placing equal value to other religions other than your own could even be suggested by anyone with just a sliver of wisdom. The idea of all religion is the same only exists in the minds of those that have a general disregard for religion in the first place.

Call it ignorance, lack of consideration, or just foolhardy, the idea that someone would require a Catholic Christian school’s teaching personnel not to share their faith and to treat other religions as just as valuable and valid is evidence of a disconnect with reality.

It just a matter of time before the same intrusion by the court is extended to the church service. All it is going to take is a test case to extend the judicial reach into religious services and mandate a philosophy to treat religion the same. There are provisions working to regulate what pastors can preach from the pulpits.

Claims of “all religion is the same” not only shows how arrogant the person is in speaking such nonsense, but it is also an alert that something will be said or done to compromise the values of the one with the religious standards and beliefs.

One has to “tolerate” the idea that “all religion is the same”. The only “inclusion” is to include the “all religion is the same” concept into those with religious principles.

Invalidating the standard of others that have religious principles is the true goal of those that have no religious principles.

Interfaith pushes, claims of tolerance and inclusion, and the ongoing attempt to water down religious standards are some of the stealth approaches used to neutralized the distinctive standards which makes each religion unique.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing accurately describes those touting "all the religion is the same".

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