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Are Aga Muhlach & Charlene Gonzales separated?

Aga Muhlach, Charlene Gonzales
Aga Muhlach, Charlene Gonzales
Instagram/Charlene Gonzales

After thirteen years of marriage, reports are now claiming that actor Aga Muhlach and wife Charlene Gonzales are separated due to some issues. Based on an updated report of “The Buzz,” the longest-running showbiz oriented talk show in the Philippines, this afternoon, June 8, 2014 (Philippine time) or this morning, June 8, 2014 (U.S. time) the separation issue started when posted a blind item referring to the couple’s present situation.

Just minutes after reading the blind item, some observers took to their social media accounts and revealed their wild guess. Many of them concluded that was talking about Charlene Gonzales and Aga Muhlach’s current situation, they said the couple’s relationship is on the rock because of some issues involving the 21-year old dancer which was allegedly confirmed by Aga Muhlach to Charlene during their confrontation.

Meanwhile, Boy Abunda and Toni Gonzaga also said their piece regarding the issue. While they were sharing their opinions for the rumored separation of the perfect couple in the industry, Toni Gonzaga and Boy Abunda, hosts of “The Buzz,” said they still believe that Aga and Charlene are living in one roof and enjoying their lives as a couple.

They added that they are hoping that the couple is still living in one roof not just for the sake of their kids but for the sake of love. Two days ago, while the issue was hitting on his mind, actor Aga Muhlach posted a video of him talking about his thirteen years of marriage with Charlene Gonzales.

Based on his narration, their rumored separation is not really true because the truth is; they are very much in love with each other after thirteen years. Up to this very moment, the micro-blogging site Twitter is still loaded with tweets regarding their separation, but like what Aga said in his video which was presented by Boy Abunda and Toni Gonzaga to the viewing public on “The Buzz,” he and his wife are still a couple.