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Are 10,000 scents the top number your nose can detect – ready for a surprise?

The nose can detect one trillion odors
The nose can detect one trillion odors
photo credit - Life National Post

When certain inviting scents and not so friendly odors break out around your nose you have to be wondering just what and how many scents, odors can your nose really detect? Well guess what; according to Fox News if you were going by the old number of 10,000 scents, then you are losing the benefit of a whole universe of scents! Also guess who has the most sensitive nose for smell.

Recent researchers in the old nose investigating scent business have discovered much to everyone’s surprise that the nose can actually distinguish, not 100,000, not a million and yes more than a billion. How about trying one trillion detectable scents and climbing, reported Fox News.

That’s right your nose is a scent detector extraordinaire, that actually is comparable to other animals like dogs which have been held up as the epitome of nose scent finding abilities. Rockefeller University in New York researcher Leslie Vosshall, actually debunks the “made-up number of 10,000” which she claims gave humans an inferiority complex about our sense of smell,” according to Fox News.

While many have not considered the expanding variety of scents, odors and smells which are part of the 21st century clearly the outdated 1927 model had to be kicked to the curb. After all the findings from the early 20th century study only focused on four primary smells: acid, fragrant, burnt and caprylic (goat-smelling). The researchers postulated that every other scent could be formed from the four components. This has now been proven untrue.

So when it comes to those special occasions when a wonderful aroma counts for your honey or your best beau, consider that roses are nice, candy is excellent and the aroma of the other’s woman’s perfume on a man is highly detectable. This is especially true for Caucasian women who are non-smokers and of normal weight, because according to the study they are the best smellers and have the most sensitive nose.

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