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Arctic cold and gusty winds prompt Wind Chill Advisory issuance

Forecast wind chill temperature map for the Northeast & Upper Great Lakes courtesy of Accuweather
Forecast wind chill temperature map for the Northeast & Upper Great Lakes courtesy of Accuweather

A large chunk of bitterly cold air over central and eastern Canada, otherwise known as a polar vortex, will make a southward advance across north central and northeastern portions of the Continental United States through Wednesday. As result, a bitter Arctic chill will return, with a vengeance, to the Capital Region.

A Wind Chill Advisory will go into effect at midnight tonight (Tuesday morning), and last through 10 AM EST on Wednesday morning.

The combination of the following weather conditions will lead to dangerously low wind chill temperatures through this period.

  • Air temperatures between zero and fifteen above zero, if not lower at times.
  • West to northwest winds of 15 to 25 MPH with higher gusts approaching 40 MPH at times.

Under such conditions, wind chill temperatures may drop to between 15 and 30 below zero at times during the advisory period.

Frostbite and hypothermia can occur quickly if exposure to these elements is of even a short duration.

Wearing several layers of clothing to venture outside will help the body maintain heat more efficiently than one or two bulky garments.

Remember a hat, gloves, and scarf as well. The body’s extremities are more prone to frostbite in such conditions if not adequately protected. The body also loses a great majority of its heat through the head.

Outdoor time for pets should be limited as well. Prolonged exposure to the cold can also cause health issues for animals, especially domesticated animals.

Stay tuned for any later statements. Official weather watches, warnings, and forecasts may be obtained from the National Weather Service, at the link listed below.

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