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Arctic Blast

Like many around us, we here in the Hoosier state are experiencing yet another arctic blast with subzero temperatures and dangerously colder windchills. Along with the painfully cold mercury readings, Indiana is also approaching a record amount of snowfall for the month of January and in January alone has seen more snow fall than we typically get for the entire winter. But what does all of this mean in relation to global warming? According to climate scientists, absolutely nothing. In many conversations I've had personally with one particular climate scientist (who has asked not to be named), "singular events do not disprove human cause global warming." So to be clear over the last 8-12 months, from last Spring being the second coldest on record, to the near record cold this winter, to the group of global warming scientists getting stuck in 15 feet of ice in the southern hemisphere summer on their way to studying and "proving" global warming is real, the many places last winter seeing record cold and record snowfall, the places in the arctic where ice is actually growing and many more instances of cold and record cold...all of these are dismissed as "singular events" and do not disprove human caused global warming. So, if singular events like these do not disprove human caused global warming, then the flip must be true...that is singular events such as hurricanes and tsunamis do not prove human caused global warming either, right? Not so in their minds. After every natural disaster such as these, the headlines are full of climate scientists everywhere blaming global warming and saying these events (singular events mind you) are "proof of human caused global warming." Most of us can see this double standard, but when you consider that climate science was brought about on a belief that global warming is indeed happening and that climate scientists enter into the field already believing that global warming is happening it's clear to see why they don't see this as a double standard. It's a problem for them when "singular events" such as record cold happen. It contradicts their doomsday predictions so they are simply dismissed as meaningless. But, when "singular events" such as hurricanes and tsunamis happen (which have happened before global warming was supposed to have began), these "singular events" are devastating and can be used to scare the masses into wanting to "prevent" them from happening. Climate scientists continue to predict these such events will increase in number and in intensity. The fact is, however, these events have seen a decline in recent years and have become less intense.

Another issue facing climate scientists is their claim that CO2 traps heat and is the cause of the warming. However, there is plenty of geological evidence that this is not the case. Throughout history there have been many periods that the earth has had warmer temperatures with lower amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere. There have also been periods where we have had higher amounts of CO2 with lower temperatures. When bringing up this evidence, the response was "the atmosphere has changed throughout the history of the earth so it's likely it was one of these changes that made the difference." Did you get that? Carbon dioxide hasn't changed but the atmosphere has. We have had periods of higher CO2 with lower temperatures and lower CO2 with higher temperatures, yet it's not the other changes in the atmosphere that is causing this warming trend we experienced, it's Carbon dioxide. That makes sense when you put it into the context of an increase in carbon dioxide can be blamed on humans and is something they can attempt to control and by controlling the levels of it being put into the air by humans, they control us and can create taxes and fines for exceeding what they deem is the proper amount that should be emitted. That is the motivation from a government standpoint, but are all climate scientists in it for the money? Many climate scientists would benefit from an increase in taxes since they are being funded through government grants to continue to "study" global warming. Continuing to "study" the issue ensures a job and income for these scientists. However, not all scientists are in it for the money. They truly believe that global warming is happening and humans are causing it. This is why they went into the field and is also why when evidence presents itself that contradicts their belief it's hard for them to accept so like liberals in other areas, they dismiss facts and stick to their ideology, their belief.

No matter what the motivation they have joined together to convince us that what we are living everyday with record cold and record snow and seeing the reality that their predictions are not coming true doesn't matter because global warming IS happening and it's all our fault. So while we here in Indiana and most of the rest of the nation are living in a frozen tundra, we should thank these climate scientists and more importantly, ourselves for global warming. Without it we might all have frozen to death already!

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