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archSCAN shows how to move your company to a paperless environment

Moving to a paperless workplace helps our planet in many ways and companies save money, while they help the environment. One company, located in Glen Burnie, Maryland, archSCAN, LLC (, helps businesses transition from a paper to a digital archive.

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In 2002, archSCAN began helping businesses convert huge paper storerooms into digital archives for historic building-related documents. Blueprint drawings are large in size, take up a lot of space, complicated to file, and need to be quickly accessible when emergencies arise. Therefore, archSCAN, LLC’s archivists go on-site and organize plan rooms prior to digitizing. They separate duplications, eliminating up to 50% of paper in the rooms. They then scan the information to a PDF file and create a digital library of all building-related information, which includes construction drawings, operations and maintenance manuals, and specifications, saving hundreds of square feet in storage space, and thousands of dollars in printing costs.

archSCAN, LLC works with universities, hospitals, school systems, government agencies, and other large businesses with a lot of infrastructure. For example, one client asked archSCAN, LLC to organize and sort over 60,000 construction drawings, and at the end of the project they only retained 18,000 pages. After archSCAN, LLC completed the scanning process the client no longer needed to retain the paper or to print duplicate sets for contractors. This information is shared on the server and copies of the data can be easily sent via email.

There are many indirect environmental impacts related to storing digital files. Everyone can have access to the information at a computer. Multiple paper copies are no longer necessary. When you email a file, you eliminate the printing costs (paper, ink, electricity, labor), travel costs (gas), and save time. The workplace becomes more efficient and effective. The labor associated with finding and copying a paper file is eliminated. Thousands of dollars are saved in the long-run. archSCAN is a leader in digital archiving and has been trusted by hundreds of businesses to help them eliminate their paper!

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