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Archiver's Offers More than Papercrafting Supplies

Archiver's Workrooms are Available to use for Free
Archiver's Workrooms are Available to use for Free

If you are a scrapbooker or cardmaker and you live in the midwest, you probably know about Archiver's. With many locations to choose from, Archiver's offers many benefits for shoppers and many reasons to keep coming back.

All locations offer a variety of classes for you to choose from. They even have a few free classes for new scrapbookers to take to introduce them to the hobby. An excellent idea if you want to preserve your memories and honor your photos but get completely overwhelmed when actually stepping foot into an Archiver's store.

Make and Takes/Demos

Oftentimes during the weekend (typically Friday to Sunday) employees are available to demonstrate how to use new products or offer free supplies for 'make and takes.' Make and takes are typically cards which help to showcase a new stamp or product which you get to make yourself and take home for free.

In-store workspace is available for free during regular business hours. It is recommended that you call ahead to reserve a table, however there is typically more than enough space to spread our your supplies and get to work. Workrooms supply tools like die cutting machines for you to use as well as great lighting. Workrooms are also available to reserve for private events like birthday parties or baby showers.

Archiver's also organizes ScrapFest which takes place every fall at the Mall of America. Registered scrapbookers enjoy classes, workshops and open crops for a three day weekend. A great opportunity to get together with friends for a great weekend and a lot of completed pages and inspiration!  This year ScrapFest will take place September 17-19.

Whether you are a veteran scrapper looking for some new inspiration for your pages, or completely new to the craft and eager to learn more, you should definitely consider checking out what Archiver's has to offer.


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