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Archive Print custom giclee printing

After spending hours, days or more creating a work of art, having prints made of artwork is something a lot of artists are downright flummoxed by. But it is the way to go if you want to sell your work.

Fisheye Fishing Boats.  Taken at Point Pleasant with a fisheye lense.
All photos by David Thiel.
Archive Print offers custom giclee printing for artists and photographers. They work one on one with clients and take great pride in producing the best possible results.
Photography by David Thiel

It is Spring and suddenly the hibernating human is stretching, yawning and blinking at the sunlight and is ready for a summer of art shows, arts and craft fairs, gallery openings and exhibitions. This is traditionally the time when artists take stock and look at what's needed for the upcoming season of outdoor shows.

So, what is the next step for the artist who wants prints? Giclée printing is a comparatively new genre of printing which can produce small runs of high quality art prints on a variety of surfaces. Just what every artist is looking for.

Archive Print is the Jersey Shore's own giclée printmaker. It specializes in producing beautiful fine art prints from your own artwork or photography.

The owner/printmaker is David Thiel and, yes, in the interests of full disclosure I will say upfront, he is my husband and this is our family business. David set up the business in 2001 and has seen fledgling giclée technology grow and change amazingly over the past 13 years.

Giclée printmaking is now a recognised fine art print category like lithograph or serigraph. Some would consider it the best technique for reproducing works of art. The results are amazingly close to the originals with detail and freshness of color that was not always achieved before. And the colors are longer lasting.

Artists bring their original artwork in to Archive Print where it is scanned and, after proofing, prints made that closely resemble the original artwork. Giclée printing is also the natural progression for photographers whose digital images can be downloaded by Archive Print and printed as large as you like in fantastic detail and depth.

“We use only pigment inks which are colorfast for 100 to 200 years and our papers and canvas are archival which produces a high quality, long lasting beautiful print which even under close scrutiny is impressive,” says David

“We have clients from all around New Jersey, especially the Jersey Shore, as well as Pennsylvania, New York, Washington DC, and further afield.”

In days gone by artists would have to accept a print run of about 200 prints of the one image. This is a daunting number for an artist to sell to recoup some money. With giclée printing you can have as many or as few prints as you wish.

“Artists can get very attached to their work and while they want to sell it they hate to part with it. Printing is like having your cake and eating it,” explains David, “where you can sell prints and still keep your original work of art – or vice versa, if you prefer.”

Dave's first love is photography closely followed by computers and the two fields combined make him the technical wizard necessary to produce these images – sometimes he becomes the same kind of mad scientist seen in old Hollywood horror films bringing something to life in the lab!

But don't be frightened. Archive Print's website explains step by step what is involved in having prints made. All the technical info. is there too, plus a break down of prices, directions to the shop and reasons why giclée is a small revolution in the art world. Suddenly it is Spring and it all seems possible.

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