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Archie Comics to kill off Archie in ‘Life With Archie’ No. 36

How many afternoons, Boomer, did you spend in Pop’s Chocklit Shop with Archie, Veronica, Betty, Reggie and Jughead? I’m betting the answer is "too many to count," or words to that effect. Archie has been a teenager since 1941 but, according to the New York Post on April 8, Archie Comics is going to kill off our soda shop hero.

It’s going to happen in the “Life with Archie” series, #36 to be specific. “’Life With Archie’ is Archie’s future – it gives readers a look into what his life would be like after high school and college, which has never really explored,” according to Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater.

Never fear, Boomers. Archie Andrews is going out as a good guy. Makes sense as Archie has always been one of the good guys. Still, talk about the end of an era! Boomers should be used to things like this by now as everything around us seems to be aging quickly. Somehow, though, Archie’s imminent death just doesn't seem right.

Archie dies as he lived — heroically. He dies saving the life of a friend, and does it in his usual selfless way. Archie has always been a representation of us — the best of us. Our strengths and our faults,” Goldwater said.

Issue #36 of “Life with Archie” is written by Paul Kupperberg and will be out on July 16. If you can’t wait, you can pre-order it on the Archie Comics web site HERE. The series will end forever with the #37 issue.


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