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Archery opens in B & D zones on August 16, 2014

Blacktail in D 5
Blacktail in D 5
Jeff Banke

Hopefully everyone who needs to get a hunting license and tags has already done so ready for the archery season in the B and D zones.

Just a few reminders on archery regulations:

1. A bow must be able to shoot an arrow a minimum of 130 yards horizontally, (a typical 65lb bow will shoot an arrow 230 yards)

2. A broadhead must NOT go through a hole 7/8 inch in diameter, this includes mechanical broadheads in the OPEN position.

3. Crossbows are illegal to use during the archery season, but may be used during the General season

4. It is Illegal to carry any firearm during archery season, which means no self protection firearm, even if you have a CCW.

Archery for Bear in D and B zones starts concurrent with that for Deer on Aug 16, 2014.

All fire permits are cancelled throughout the archery season, so even if you have a permit it is not valid during archery season.

Remember it is going to be hot out there and carry lots of water.

One more reminder; the only safe way to string or unstring a longbow or a recurve is with a bow stringer.

If you have not already done so, get out and practice with that bow, it is the only way to build the upper body strength needed for archery hunting.

For anyone who is looking for a last minute Hunter education class of the Home study/Internet variety, Aug 3, 2014, 9:00AM to 1:00PM in West Point, CA.

Must bring the internet certificate or a completed workbook (home study). Also must call 510-501-4502 to reserve a spot. Class ends soon enough for participants to purchase license at the local hardware store (ACE hardware, located 1 mile away).

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