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‘ArcheAge’ founder’s packs now available for purchase

The Desert Assassin Platemail from the founder's pack
The Desert Assassin Platemail from the founder's pack
Photo courtesy of Trion Worlds, used with permission

Players looking to experience fantasy sandbox MMO, ArcheAge, as soon as possible are in luck. Founder’s packs are now on sale as indicated by an official post on the game’s website on Thursday. Three tiers of packs are available each with bonuses and early access. As the price goes up so does the number entitlements to the game.

The cheapest pack, Silver, is $50 and included beta access, 2,500 credits for use in the in-game store, a four-day head start before launch, the “founder” title which grants plus one to all stats, 30-day patron or subscriber status, and an Experimental Glider. Subscriber status gives players an experience bonus, improved labor regeneration, loyalty rewards, and the ability to own a house or farm.

For $100, the Gold pack offers all the Silver pack has to offer and more. The patron status lasts 60 days, the credit amount increases to 7,500, and an additional title is granted; the “traveler.” This title increases stats by two. Moreover, 10 Evenstones, 10 Hereafter Stones, a Glass Phoenix Glider, and the Desert Assassin Platemail costume set are included.

With the alpha test going on right now, players can purchase their way into testing by buying the most expensive pack. For $150, the Archeum level, the buyer gets immediately into alpha. This promotion is only available while there are spots left in the alpha test. This founder’s pack includes everything found in the two lower tiers while increasing the number of credits to 11,250 and extending the patron status to 90 days. The "trailblazer" title is also included and increases stats by three.

The Archeum pack contains a few things not found in the other packs. This includes six Daru Chests, 10 pet healing potions, a founder’s cloak, and reagents to put a personalized crest in the game. Daru Chests are lockboxes with a chance to have specials items inside, and the founder’s cloak gives plus three to stats. Players can even create and upload their own image to this cloak.

Those interested in purchasing one these ArcheAge founder's packs should check out the FAQ before buying. Answers on alpha availability, patron status, what credits can buy, and much more are presented.

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