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'ArcheAge' closed beta date announced

With a wealth of class-building options, exploration opportunities, economic openings, and more expected from XL Games’ ArcheAge, interested players should be happy to know that the game is entering closed beta soon. Although it has been in alpha, the beta will cater to many more people this time around. On July 10, the Western publisher, Trion Worlds, announced that ArcheAge will officially enter closed beta on July 17.

An early screenshot from ArcheAge
Photo courtesy of Trion Worlds, used with permission

The beta kicks off the game’s first event called “A Brighter Age” which will persist through the duration of the test. A new test server will open to accommodate new and old players alike. The beta will start on July 17 at 10 a.m. PDT and it will end on July 21 at 10 a.m. PDT. Progress will be retained and saved, up to level 50, for use in the next beta test. Not to mention, there is no Non-Disclosure Agreement for the closed beta test letting players post screenshots, videos, and more publicly.

Players that purchase a Founder's Pack are guaranteed a spot in the upcoming closed beta tests. Founder's Packs start at $50 and include other bonuses like special titles, gliders, launch head-starts, and Patron status. Patron status is the optional subscription for ArcheAge. This optional subscription is currently required to experience some features of the game like owning a house or running a farm.

Those lucky enough to be chosen can also randomly be selected to try the ArcheAge beta by signing up at the official site. Either way, players that are able to enter the beta will receive an email with download and installation instructions before the event begins.

ArcheAge has no release date yet. Several closed beta tests are expected; each with a three to five day duration. The open-world sandbox MMO will be free-to-play with an optional subscription. This subscription will be comparable to Trion Worlds’ RIFT MMO, and the subscription will be tradable within the game letting players buy their subscription with in-game money.

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