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Archbishop’s home draws attention to how clergy lives

TD Jakes Black Nativity
TD Jakes Black Nativity
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

According to an April 5 article in ABC News; Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory has agreed to move out of the home he moved into only 3 months earlier. The home, a $2.2 million dollar mansion, is in affluent Atlanta community of Buckhead County,

The article goes on to say that the mansion will be sold and proceeds donated to the Catholic community.

Gregory’s actions came at a time when Pope Francis is living and advocating austerity and fiscal responsibility to the church and world. Gregory is not the only church leader whose home or wealth and lifestyle have drawn attention.

Bishop T.D Jakes, according to, lives in a luxurious mansion and allegedly carries a net worth of almost $19 million dollars. Joyce Meyer lives in a $2 million dollar home and travels on a $10 million dollar private jet, according to

Christians, when learning of the wealth of clergy and evangelists, were unfazed.

“The Holy Bible teaches us to not muzzle the ox while he is treading out the grain. This is clearly a reference to church leaders drawing a salary or earning a living from the church. I am okay with that. I would rather my preacher focus on the Lord than on his light bill. I get the concern about the poor, but I don’t think the ministers are compensated at the expense of the poor.”

Gregory later issued an apology.

Is it wrong for ministers to live in mansions?
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Source: ABC News

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