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Archbishop's daugher talks at Chattanooga State

Naomi Tutu speaks at Chatt State
Naomi Tutu speaks at Chatt State

Naomi Tutu, the daughter of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, spoke on March 24 at Chattanooga State duruing women's history month.

She said that she was confused about her next direction in life,and consulted her spiritual director, who recommended a poem by Gregory Norbet, There is a Pearl of Great Price Within You.This did not go over well with Ms. Tutu who didn't really understand poetry. Nevertheless, she read the poem.

"I got it!" She exulted.

The poem talked about your hidden self where God abides. It asked you to honor the greatness of your soul. The idea of the pearl is that each one of us has a pearl whichis not formed except when an irritation enters. It is from times of struggle and challenge that gifts are formed.Instead of retreating, use that time to reflect on who you really are.

Each person born into the world comes with a gift. It will be easy to find-what is the thing that gives you the most joy?Then, how do you take what you enjoy doing and use it to help the world? When you use your life in this manner, it will be a whole life.