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Archaia announces new Fraggle Rock miniseries

Fraggle Rock #1
Fraggle Rock #1
Jeff Stokely and Lizzy John
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Archaia Comics announced today the debut of their first Fraggle Rock miniseries, created in conjunction with the Jim Henson Company. The first issue of the three-issue miniseries, simply titled Fraggle Rock, will be released in April, and be followed quickly by the Fraggle Rock/Mouse Guard Flip Book on Free Comic Book Day, May 1.

Stephen Christy, Archaia’s Director of Development, said, “We’re taking a lot of unique approaches with this series, from launching it in our popular 8” x 8” Mouse Guard format to bringing in incredibly talented indie creators such as Jeffrey Brown, creator of Incredible Change-Bots, and Jeremy Love, creator of Bayou, to share their visions of this classic Jim Henson Company creation.”

Fraggle Rock follows the adventures of five Fraggles (Gobo, Webley, Mokey, Boober and Red) who live in an underground society completely removed from the human world. In addition to the Fraggles, who love to play and sing, Fraggle Rock is also populated by the Doozers, a race of miniature engineers who are always building new constructions, and giant Gorgs, who believe they rule the world.

Each issue of the miniseries will include a lead story and two back up stories, with a focus on young and up-and-coming creators. Each issue will also include games and activities for everyone in the family.

Fraggle Rock originally aired in the US on HBO from 1983-1987, winning the Emmy Award for Best Program for Children & Young People. It has been syndicated and adapted internationally, and is currently being adapted for a feature film scheduled to be released in 2011.

Archaia also announced an agreement with the Jim Henson Company to produce miniseries based on The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, with more details to be released as they become available.

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