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Archaeologists find a 16th century 'vampire' skeleton

In Poland a 'vampire' skeleton was found
In Poland a 'vampire' skeleton was found
Pawel Ukrainski/Kamienskie

According to MSN on May 14, archaeologists have unearthed a skeleton in Poland. The skeleton had the markings of a vampire. It had been found in Kamien Pomorski, and was found while they were digging in a cemetery that was next to the town church.

The skeleton is believed to be from the 16th century, though they aren't quite sure yet. The body had been staked in the leg, so it wouldn't get up from it's grave, and there was a piece of rock in it's mouth which as legend has it, that would stop them from drinking blood. It was common in the Medieval Age to believe in vampires, even still to this day there are people out there that believe in the creatures of the night.

This most recent case in Poland is just one of the many that have been happening throughout recent years. Just last year actually in Poland again, archaeologists found four skeletons that were beheaded and had their heads between their legs. That was just another common medieval way on destroying a vampire. Like this recent case, the bodies were from the 16th century. The only difference was where and how they found the bodies.

Another strange case that happened last year was in Bulgaria, where two skeletons were found with iron rods pieced through their hearts. Those bodies were dated between the 13th or 14th century. Bulgaria is said to be home to around 100 vampire skeleton burials.

A year before those two cases in Poland and Bulgaria, in 2012 a vampire skeleton was found in Great Britain. The body been found buried with metal spikes through its shoulders, heart, and ankles.

So this recent vampire case in Kamien Pomorski, is just one of many reported cases of vampire skeletons that have been as of late.

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