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Archaeologist believes he found wreck of Santa Maria

Archaeologist believes he's found the Santa Maria.
Archaeologist believes he's found the Santa Maria.
Enrique Shore/Reuters/MSN

Barry Clifford, an archaeologist believes that he has found the wreck of Christopher Columbus’s ship, the Santa Maria. Christopher Columbus sailed from Spain with the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria travelling to the new world. The Santa Maria was lost at sea off the coast of Haiti more than 500 years ago.

Clifford visited the site of the wrecked ship for the first time in 2003. He stated at the time, he didn’t suspect the Santa Maria as a possible contender for the ship. Years later and numerous unrelated investigations are what led Clifford to state with confidence that he believes he has found the long lost wreckage of the famed ship the Santa Maria.

The Independent reported that investigations indicate that the wreck of the famous ship was probably located near the location of Columbus’ fort. Clifford stated he took the location and then used Christopher Columbus’ diary to determine where the Santa Maria wreck would be found.

Clifford is re-examining pictures taken of the site of the wreck in 2003 and working with the government of Haiti for permission to revisit the site. Evidence reflects that the wreckage Clifford found is an exact match in terms of historical knowledge about the underwater topography associated with the lost of the Santa Maria.

Also the footprint of the wreck that is represented by the pile of the ship’s ballast is also what an explorer would expect to find with a ship the size of the Santa Maria.

Clifford has the background that makes him the perfect one to be the discoverer of the shipwreck of the Santa Maria. He was the first to locate and then excavate a pirate ship in 1984. He is the one who found Captain Kidd’s flagship off the coast of Madagascar.

The History Channel is backing his current expedition and is retaining the rights to cover the discovery. Haiti would host any finds from the shipwreck in a local museum and are encouraging Clifford to find the lost ship.

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