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Arcade longevity champ aiming attempting 100-hour gameplay session in February

Florida's Ed Heemskerk made international headlines last March when he played the arcade classic Q*bert for 68.5 consecutive hours, setting an all-time longevity record for play of an arcade video game. Originally intended to be a dry run, Heemskerk simply ran out of extra lives to end his first marathon run.

Ed Heemskert will retake the Q*bert controls for another marathon in February

The feat gained recognition from RecordSetter, which noted at the end of 2012 that Heemskerk's run was the longest world record run they received during the calendar year.

On New Year's Eve, Heemskerk stated that he is going to make another run, aiming for a staggering 100-hour mark on Feb. 15.

"Preparations are underway for an 8 a.m. Eastern start," Heemskerk said. "God willing, I'll still be at it at noon on Feb. 19."

Heemskerk had tried another run in early June, only to fall short when a lighting storm hit and the vintage arcade machine glitched out after more than 58 hours.

A live broadcast of Heemskerk's 100-hour Q*bert attempt will be aired via a live internet stream on along with regular updates on both that site and here on


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