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Arapahoe high school theatre program slashed

It’s official – The Arts are in trouble in Littleton Public Schools. This past week the Theatre program at Arapahoe High School got cut in half for the 2010-2011 school year.

The move by AHS’s administration was in response to a major cut back in funding which is forcing the school to get rid of several teachers.

“It’s a sad day for LPS” said one teacher. Arapahoe has always had one of the biggest and best theatre programs in the Denver area. It is a shame that that legacy is just being thrown away.

But what does this mean for the bigger picture in LPS? Will other programs be next? Can the Arapahoe program recover once the budget crisis is over?

No one really knows the answer to these tough questions, however, one thing is now clear, LPS isn’t as supportive of the Arts as they would like everyone to think.



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