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Aransas Pass in Texas to euthanize all animals brought into Animal Control

City manager of Aransas Pass in Texas says to euthanize all animals brought into the city's shelters; no more adoptions.
City manager of Aransas Pass in Texas says to euthanize all animals brought into the city's shelters; no more adoptions.

Sylvia Carrillo, the city manager of Aransas Pass began a new policy on June 20 to euthanize all stray animals in city shelters after three days reported the inquisitr. com. stressing the point that "Animal Control is not meant to be an adoption facility."

Citing that the control of the overpopulation of stray animals is her primary concern, Carrillo posted on the Aransas Pass Facebook page:

"We have, in the last five years…steered away from our mission. Our mission is animal control, and that is controlling the animal population. Which means our primary goal should be euthanization. We have not planned accordingly or budgeted accordingly. Without the assistance of our local (veterinarians), which nobody has really stepped up, we have to go back to euthanization.”

Although Carrillo admits that her policy contradicts the city ordinance of adopting out as many stray animals and surrendered pets as possible, she feels her opinion obviously takes precedence. Criticizing the former Animal Control officer for helping to relocate wildlife and attending to their medical needs when needed, Carrillo called the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife a waste of money.

Carillo says the city lacks funds, has insufficient veterinarian care for the shelter, and improper paperwork were her primary motivation for the new policy.

And now the ire of social media has begun, with animal lovers and humane advocates everywhere, ready to begin a media blitz against the initiative. While Carrillo wants to kill all animals brought into any of the city's facilities within three days, what happens if a family is on vacation and their dog escapes from his caretaker? What happens to all of the healthy animals who could easily find new homes with the minimum of effort just by posting their photos on social media?

The previous Animal Control officer resigned from her position stating she couldn't live with herself having to walk a healthy, friendly dog to a room to kill him. Could you? And although Carrillo agreed it would be difficult to kill healthy animals, she stated it's all part of the job.

The No-Kill Coalition is now coordinating efforts to help end this situation. Please click here for more information and how you can help.

Tell the Aransas Pass administration how you feel. Although it is understandable that humane advocates are extremely angry, please be civil and respectful when posting your opinions:

City Manager

Phone: 361-758-5301
Fax: 361-758-8188

City Hall
601 W. Cleveland
Aransas Pass, TX 78336

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 2000
Aransas Pass, TX 78335

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