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Arachnophobia causes Seattle man to set house ablaze with makeshift blowtorch

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At around 8:30 Tuesday evening, a crew of firefighters in West Seattle responded to a fire that was consuming a small rental home in the 10200-block of 34th Avenue. The firefighters battled the blaze from a distance, because a report said there may be ammunition inside. Working tirelessly, the civil servants extinguished the blaze before it could completely destroy the home.

When the flames had finally been eradicated, authorities questioned the renter who occupied the now gutted house. The anonymous man claimed that he had been doing laundry when he spotted a small spider climbing up one wall. Apparently he missed this little blog post about how the odds of encountering a truly poisonous spider in Seattle are pretty minute, be his immediate response was to prep for battle with the little beast.

Did he grab a paper towel and trap the creature or roll up some newspaper and beat it to death like a normal human person? Nope, the unnamed gentleman - who we'll call Dummy for brevity's sake - decided the most effective tools he could employ for some good, old-fashioned spider murder was a can of spray paint and a cigarette lighter. To be clear, just using the spray paint would have mostly likely killed the spider, but Dummy is a man who likes to do the job right. Imagine his surprise when the wall of his rental home caught fire and began to spread.

Fortunately, Dummy and the woman he lived with made it out safe, but not before the fire caused about $40,000 in structural damage and another $20,000 in property damage. The Red Cross is currently helping to find temporary housing for the man and woman.