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AR rifle accessories at the SHOT Show

Sling Band-it
Sling Band-it

There were thousands of accessories for the AR platform on display at the 2014 SHOT Show. The American public’s love affair with the Modern Sporting Rifle continues unabated.

One of the simplest, yet most useful, accessories shown was the Sling Band-it. One visitor to the booth commented: “My gun safe looks like a black spaghetti factory, this will fix that.” The Sling Band-it is a set of double loops that attach to the sling. It allows the sling to be neatly folded on the side of a long gun. This makes it much less likely to get hung up in non-square-range environments such as cars, occupied homes, etc. But when needed, the sling can instantly be deployed.

Blue Force Gear displayed the Vickers 2-2-1 Sling that converts from a two point sling to a one point sling. The company’s literature states: “While 2 point slings are ideal for most situations, there are times - deploying from a vehicle or fighting in complex structures - when a 1 point sling has a clear advantage.”

Tango Down showed their Front Sight Flashlight Adapter. This accessory allows mounting a flashlight at the 12 o’clock position but still provides a front sight for when iron sights are required. They also had their iO Cover for Aimpoint T-1 on display, which corrects the weaknesses of the factory covers. And Tango Down has developed the Advanced Reliability Combat (ARC) Magazine. It is a two piece magazine designed to eliminate some of the issues with a one piece magazine body.

C Products Defense is a magazine name familiar to many but is a new company. They have recently achieved ISO 9001 Certification and are committed to producing extremely high quality magazines for numerous firearms.

Brownells touted their new reduced capacity 5 and 10 round magazines These magazines have a two piece design that will not be able to accept more ammunition than the stated capacity. For those who live in magazine capacity restricted environments, they eliminate the possibility of unintentionally running afoul of legal restrictions.

The Caldwell AR-15 Mag Charger is a product high volume shooters will really appreciate. It loads AR-15 magazines, five rounds at a time, with the push of a button. The well is just like the magazine well of an AR-15, so the charger will work on all magazines.

Make your shooting time easier and more productive by customizing your rifle and your shooting accessories to your needs.

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