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Aquarius - fire and ice

After lift off and almost infinite miles of space, Aquarius rocket fire meets with ice cold atmospher
After lift off and almost infinite miles of space, Aquarius rocket fire meets with ice cold atmospher
Photo by Bill Ingalls/NASA/Getty Images

Ruling planets for Aquarius are often listed as Saturn and Uranus. Rulership comes about through solar harmonics. In this case of the close proximity of a pair of planets in range and similar in size, the sun translates both energies. Described as “local expression,” each planet retains its own identity.

Uranus is the planet of electricity and sudden changes. Its atmosphere is rife with electrical storms. The expression “It hit me like a bolt out of the blue” illustrates the effects that contribute to quixotic nature of the Aquarian mindset. Occupational roles that attract Aquarius are researchers, scientists, inventors, psychological counselors, or astrologers.

Saturn’s influence gives Aquarians the discipline and structure for practical application of other- worldly input manifested through epiphanies and inspirations. Aquarius personalities usually aren’t very flexible.

Another important category comes under the heading - exaltation. It identifies which planet comes in the strongest or receives the best harmonic reception. Pluto is “exalted” in our sympathetic, new-age sign of the zodiac. Aquarians may appear distant, but an overall concern and sympathy for the human condition is defined as a standard characteristic of this native.

Aquarius is an air sign - part of the air triplicity. The mentality factor of the air signs indicates a thinker. In the case of the Aquarian, futuristic thoughts, scientific endeavors, and a consciousness concerning fellow man comes to the forefront.

The ruling planet for Aquarius is, Uranus. Known for its electrical storms, the flash of inspiration and genius is how this energy manifests with the Aquarius native. Aquarius should be quite comfortable as humanity heralds the incoming New Age Consciousness. Because Aquarians are pictured as thinkers and kind people, they will welcome the focus on a new consciousness.

Through the feminine association with Delphi, the sign of Aquarius is believed to usher in a new dominant position for women of the world.Technically, Aquarius has been categorized as a masculine polarity, but this may be left from ancient days, when polarity was simply used as a system of organizing the zodiac wheel.

Aquarian health concerns center around the blood. A close check on the condition of the blood should be maintained through regular check ups. Diabetes or other blood afflictions can be a threat.This native needs plenty of vegetables and fruits and water to keep the bloodstream pure and free flowing.

Famous Aquarius people From A.T. Mann's "Round Art."

Joan of Arc, Mark Twain, Carl Jung, Marilyn Monroe, Handel, Schubert, Woodrow Wilson, Shelley, Keats, Ralph Nader.

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