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Aqua Sextius by Jul et Mad

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If you were fortunate enough to study in the South of France as a student, and if you were lucky enough to fall in love, and if you were happy, then it’s likely, to paraphrase Hemingway, that you’ll antagonize everyone with your good fortune – while your good fortune stays with you for life.

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Small wonder that you might wish to return to such halcyon days, which might well occur upon inhaling Aqua Sextius, the latest fragrance from perfumery’s most romantic couple, Jul et Mad.

More than a fragrance collection, Jul et Mad is an extraordinary love story revealed through a series of exceptional perfumes that recount the couple’s courtship chapter by chapter. Known to their friends around the world as “Jul et Mad,” the beguiling, binational couple Julien and Madalina first glimpsed each other on the streets of Paris and their “coup de foudre” fueled and fused their subsequent emotional and entrepreneurial dreams.

Working with the two principals, perfumer Dorothée Piot of Robertet transmuted the opening chapters of this bona fide love story into a triumphant olfactive triptych – and now, for chapter four, perfumer Cécile Zarokian has created a fragrance that beautifully captures the blissful carefree nature of young love.

Named for the ancient Latin name of Aix-en-Provence, the impossibly romantic hometown of Cézanne and Zola, as well as Jul et Mad, Aqua Sextius is a luminous homage to the “City of 100 Fountains” and its therapeutic waters.

The fragrance’s opening burst of citrus and green notes evokes the celestial joys of spring in the South of France, where aromatic bergamot, lime, and lemon mingle with the balmy brightness of vernal greens. A vaporous cloud of mint and eucalyptus melds with a maritime breeze. It’s one of those days that you recall years later: the freshness and innocence of youth, with all its promise. White flowers woven into a headband, fresh figs in a meadow, laughter and love – and everything right with life. No wonder you won’t forget it and every time you return there, you live it all again.

A celebration of well-being, Aqua Sextius beautifully captures the sanctity of summer retreats like Aix-en-Provence, where the natural beauty fuels romance. The fragrance embodies holiday freedom and the spirit of youthful passion, with a sensual drydown of musky amber, oak moss, and cedar. The late afternoon sun gives way to the blue hour, ice cubes tinkling against crystal, joined by the laughter of two who still know the love they knew then.

Founded by the Roman consul Gaius Sextius, still beloved today, Aix-en-Provence exemplifies “l’art de vivre.” Aqua Sextius is both a gift to the city and to those in love.

All the fragrances in the Jul et Mad line are presented in stunning slate gray coffrets of leather and velvet, complete with a separate rechargeable silver “Nomad” travel spray. Further surprises await those who possess the elegant full-size 50-ml. bottles etched with platinum lettering.

For those desirous of tempting Cupid, the complete Jul et Mad line of fragrances is also available as a Love Dose in 5-ml. miniature flacons, as well as Le Compagnon, a 20-ml. travel flacon of black glass.