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Aqua massage comes to Lexington, Kentucky

You may ask what is Aqua Massage? Well, let me just say that it is a unique and valuable experience for your body. If you are looking for a quick way to get a massage without having the every day hassle of getting undressed and having all of the messy clean up afterwards, then this is your answer.

Some of the Aqua Massage benefits would be: 1) Massage Therapy, 2) Dry Heat Massage, and 3) Dry Hydrotherapy. This can all take place right before your eyes without the usual inconvenience and time that is required for other massages.

So, here is how an Aqua Massage actually works. You can lie down in a prone position on a very cushioned table. This allows you to feel totally at ease and comfortable during your massage. You may then choose to put on the head set and further relax with some relaxing music. The Aqua Massage bed's acrylic canopy will then close over your body and a nylon barrier which is waterproof, will form around your body habitus. Then the bed proceeds to spray you with inverted V-shaped spray bars of 36 pulsating water jets which travels from your neck to your feet. This is very stimulating to the human body and it mimics a fingertip massage which covers a 180 degree angle of three sides of your body. When the acrylic canopy opens, you will feel energetic and deeply relaxed.

An aqua massage relieves pain in your upper thorax regions. This could include you neck, shoulders, upper thoracic region, thighs, lower extremities and your feet. This particular massage relieves muscle strains and sporadic and chronic pain, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. This massage also relieves stress. The pressure points are massaged by the jet stream which promotes the release of endorphins. This allows the body to become emotionally balanced and totally relaxed. This massage can also ease any tension that your body may be feeling from hours of standing or sitting. It improves your body for pre-therapy, chiropractic treatments and/or exercise. The massage renews energy that may be lost and improves your blood circulation and sleep patterns. For the females, they should also note that this aqua massage also reduces your cellulite and helps firm your bodily tissues.

Aqua Massages are great for:

  • People that do not like to get undressed for a massage
  • People with busy schedules such as a working mother or busy executive
  • People who do not like to be touched
  • People who like to be in control and actually be able to control their massage experience by allowing the jet stream to stay in one area for a longer period

So why don't you stop by the new Aqua Massage located at 100 Regency Point Path, Unit 3, Lexington, Kentucky 40503 so that you can rejuvenate your body, spirit as well as your mind with this healing and relaxing unique massage. The costs are very affordable. "The Relaxer" is just $10. "The Therapeutic" is just $15 and "The Ultimate" is only $20. So don't delay your relaxation any longer, come on out and let us help you feel better.

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