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Aqua Globes plant watering bulbs: As Seen on TV reviews


                                             photo by Diane Thomas         

Aqua Globes are designed to fill with water and stick into your potted plants. According to their advertisements, "As soil becomes dry, it releases oxygen into the Aqua Globe™ watering bulbs, which in turn releases the exact amount of water your plant needs." If you search the internet for reviews,you will find mixed opinions on this, but there are a few tricks to making them work.

  • Purchased: Market Basket
  • Price:            $9.99/2-pk
  • Date:              summer '07 

Review                                                                                                                                                                                    Who wouldn't want a device that would both save your dried-out houseplants and look beautiful too? Aqua Globes sound like a great idea, but they have a couple of issues which can make them difficult to use.The first is that the tip of the water-dispensing tube can become easily clogged with soil. The instructions direct you to poke a hole in the soil before inserting the Aqua Globe so that this does not happen, but you must be careful to make the hole wide enough and not to push the tip past the bottom of the hole: it must more-or-less rest in the hole. If it clogs with dirt, the air from the soil will not be able to percolate up the tube.

The second issue is that the globes often seem to empty of water much too quickly, requiring frequent refilling. This may be because the plants they are being inserted into are too dry to begin with and need several bulbs full of water just to reach a state of normalcy. After a few days of refilling the Aqua Globes people tend to give up. After all, they could just water their plants every day for the same effect. Try watering your plant first until it is appropriately saturated and then insert an Aqua Globe. As the plant's soil begins to dry, it will draw on the extra supply of water from the Globe more slowly. Aqua Globes come in both small and large sizes so it is important to know your plants' watering needs and use the correct one. Placing a larger Globe into a smaller plant will also help you need to refill your Aqua Globe less often, and plants that are supposed to dry out between waterings are not good candidates for these globes.

The last difficulty is that the Aqua Globes take more patience to refill than watering cans. You must hold them at the right angle and have the correct (gentle) water pressure to get the water back up those long thin glass tubes.

Summary                                                                                                                                                                             Aqua Globes are a little bit fussy, but they are works of art. The hand-blown glass designs are beautiful to look at and they certainly have ornamental value. If you're willing to experiment with yours a bit until you get the process down, you may find one or two to be helpful but they're not magic - you still have to pay attention to your plants. 

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