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On May 17th, American Premier Wrestling presented its second event at the Judgement Day Gym in Rincon, GA. Appropriately titled RINCON RAMPAGE, the show lived up to the hype.

Below is the official review of RINCON RAMPAGE, courtesy of I will give my thoughts on the show at the bottom of the article.

RINCON RAMPAGE: 05/17/2014

- In front of a hot crowd, CUJO’ surprised the fans with a “dark match” between El Diablo and the return of Ben Gazi! At the 6:54 mark, El Diablo upset the former tag-team champion to the delight of the crowd.

- CUJO’ then started the Show by thanking the sponsors, introducing Wade on audio, Billy Jack with security, Pat “PJ” Patterson the senior ref, as well as letting the fans know about the purpose of the fundraiser; to raise revenue for the Relay for Life . CUJO’ then spoke about the recent actions between him, Johnny Starr, and Onyx; and the “red envelope.” Onyx then walked out with the “red envelope” and whispered for a while in CUJO’s ear. CUJO’ quickly hugged Onyx and decided to say no more about the envelope. CUJO’ then reminded all that the “Nature Boy” Paul Lee was in the house!!!

- “New” APW Heavyweight champion, the San Francisco Treat, made his way to the ring hearing a mixed reaction from the crowd. CUJO’ told all the fans that SFT won the belt two weeks ago at BRAWL 12 and that APW finally had a champion that “Johnny Starr, I mean, APW can be proud of.” SFT is proud to be the champion, but he still isn’t sure that Orion “tapped out.” CUJO affirmed the champ that Orion did and that he was tired of the former-champion “Aaron ‘Chris Candido’ Orion whining and crying about the loss and that there was no shame in losing. In fact, Orion is a CRYBABY.” SFT is still confused, but CUJO’ again reminded SFT that he will represent APW well and that he has his first title defense, and it was right then and there.

- The San Francisco Treat pinned AMOR at the 6:45 mark when AMOR tried to hit SFT with a chair, only for it to back-fire on the giant. SFT retained the APW Heavyweight title.

- CUJO’ pushed the two scheduled KIDS CAMPS in June, and reminded all the APW is committed to and all about the Kids. He then brought into the ring referee in training, ACE, as the special challenge Kids match. APW Kids champion comes to the ring for a special interview. She is interrupted three times – Monster, Dynamite, and then AK-47. Monster made a challenge to all three kids, but then ACE took it upon himself to tweak it. CUJO’ verbally reprimands ACE’ and the two banter. CUJO’ finally made the match that ACE had initially recommended – a 4 way elimination; winner gets a shot at Pink Eagle’s belt at the May 31st SMACKDOWN CANCER III show at D&R Automotive in Statesboro. If Pink Eagle won, however, all 3 Kid campers will never get another title shot until after the 4th of July.

- AK-47 pinned Pink Eagle to become the #1 contender for the APW Kids championship.

- CUJO’ introduced Jamie Day to the ring to the pop of the crowd. They spoke about the evening’s event as well as the advertised 8-man tag in the Main Event.

- It was then time to bring out the one and only, “Nature Boy” Paul Lee. Naitch came out styling and profiling only the way that he could. He did his thing and told the fans that he was in Rincon per Johnny Starr and that he was going to teach Aaron Orion a lesson in “wrestling.” CUJO' interjected and reminded Nature Boy that Aaron tapped out two weeks ago to lose the belt. Aaron Orion then came to the ring.

- In one heck of a match, the Nature Boy defeated Aaron Orion at the 8:24 mark when Orion submitted to the figure-four. After the match, the Nature Boy shook hands with Orion and said that “he was a great opponent but nothing person. He was being paid to do a job.” Orion left the ring and Nature Boy “wooed” with the fans. CUJO' also announced that Orion had once again tapped out and that since he liked him he had some advice: that although he clearly hit the gym a lot, but maybe he needed to focus more on learning basic fundamental wrestling moves, especially how to get out of submission moves.

- Then, Johnny Starr and JSI (Eric Glamour, AMOR, and Adonis) came to the ring. Johnny Starr, holding the red envelope, congratulated Nature Boy for a job well done. He thanked Naitch for making Orion “tap out” again and that JSI was now in the process of taking over APW. Naitch understood and applauded Starr for his recent emergence. Starr then reminded Nature Boy the that last time that the two had met, when he was a ref at the first Smackdown Cancer show with Luke Gallows, Johnny Swinger, and Jon Malus there, that he the Naitch “set his butt on fire.” The two laughed and Naitch said all was cool. However, Johnny Starr didn’t see it that way. Starr was no longer this little peon in APW. He had been to NXT and now is a leader of the greatest faction in the history of wrestling. No more taking orders from anyone. Naitch understood but just wanted to get his money and head back to his family. His henchmen then all attacked Naitch. A clearly limping Orion then came for the save, but 4 on 2 was too much for the injured Orion and now busted open Naitch. Then, SFT and Jamie Day ran to the ring and cleaned-house. To the roar of the crowd, Johnny Starr and JSI are pummeled! Jamie Day grabbed the mic and added Naitch to Team Judgment Day for the Main Event. Starr is livid!! CUJO’ made the 4 on 4 main event an “Elimination Bunkhouse Rules” match, with Plywood, Chairs, and Straps, and the only way to lose was by pin-fall, submission, or going over the top rope. CUJO’ also said to maintain order, he will special ref the match.

- Onyx came back out and whispered in CUJO’s ear. CUJO’ then advised all that everything was in order and that he was doing everything in his power to make sure APW continued its mission and most importantly, doing what is right for the fans. CUJO’ the paraphrased Abraham Lincoln: "A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe that APW cannot endure, permanently half Johnny Starr and half CUJO’. I do not expect APW to be dissolved -- I do not expect APW to fall -- but I do expect APW will cease to be divided IN DUE TIME." The “faithful fifty” fans who come out to almost every APW show, along now with the other hundred or so fans, badgered CUJO’, led by the “Portal Contingent” in the front two rows. Everyone wants to know what is in the red envelope, but CUJO’ can’t say.

- In an exciting Grudge Match, Lex Lee defeated Kevin Coffman at the 10:02 mark. After the win, Johnny Starr came down and spoke to Lex. CUJO’ cautiously asked why Starr was down to the ring again, but Starr simply showed CUJO’ the red envelope and told him to mind his own business.

- CUJO’ sadly addressed the crowd who wanted to know what is up with the red envelope. CUJO’ leads all into intermission.

- ACE is summoned back to the ring to ref another Kids Match. At the 6:56 mark, CUJO’ declared the Hollywood and Macho Kid match a no-contest. After the match, Macho Kid issued a challenge to Hollywood at the Mat 31st Smackdown Cancer III show: an OIL CHANGE MATCH! CUJO’, who had no clue what that was or is, but confirmed it. CUJO’ then told ACE that he needed a lot more practice, and the hit ACE with DDT, and thereafter “violated” him with the microphone. A few fans helped ACE into the seating area.

- Johnny Starr, with the fans booing, came to the ring with his JSI and Lex Lee in tow. CUJO’ wanted to know what was going on, and Starr simply reminded CUJO’ about the envelope. CUJO’ said he understood, but why was Lex Lee with him. Starr fooled all by saying that Lex was his “Hired Gun” for the evening! Adonis and Glamour are permanent members of JSI and are the “new” APW tag-team champions; he did not renew the contracts of the Georgia Rebels and that Eric and Adonis were now the champs. CUJO' said he couldn't do that, but Starr said that he could and he did. He then pointed at Onyx and CUJO' and told the crowd that Adonis and Eric were now indeed the champs. AMOR grunts as to wonder what about him, but Starr pats AMOR on his shoulder and tells him: in due time." He then told CUJO’ to leave and he did. Onyx and CUJO’ are outside consoling each other in the corner. Starr said that he was not only going to ref the next match, but he was also going to announce it. It would be Eric and Adonis taking on the tag-team of “Swiss Cheese!” To the confusion of the crowd, out came “Cheeseburger” Manson and senior ref Pat “PJ” Patterson. It was a total beat-down, with PJ going through plywood, and Manson getting chocked slammed on a steel chair by AMOR. All 5 members of JSI continued to destroy PJ and Manson although CUJO’ is screaming: “That’s enough Johnny, that’s enough Johnny, stop it!” Then, all five men leave the ring when Team Judgment Day ran to the ring.

- Main Event time. CUJO’ is the special ref. Team Judgment Day (SFT, Jamie Day, Aaron Orion, and the Nature Boy) vs. JSI (Johnny Starr, AMOR, Eric Glamour, Adonis, and Lex Lee). It is now a 4 on 5, but CUJO’ allowed it as Starr pointed at Onyx and the red envelope. Bunkhouse Rules – plywood, chairs, and straps! Elimination style, and submission, pin fall, or over-the top rope rules apply.

- After more than 15 minutes of solid and exciting wrestling action, where all 4 of JSI members were pinned or submitted, it was then Johnny Starr as the only man left against every member of Team Judgment Day. The 4 circled a begging and crying Johnny Starr. The crowd, led by the vocal Tiny "Thunderbolt" Patterson, screamed for his head!! Then, an already eliminated Eric Glamor grabbed Onyx and started to badger her outside the ring area which caused all the action in the ring to cease. CUJO’ stopped everything and asked Naitch to go help her. Nature Boy jumped over the top rope and went after Eric. CUJO’ then called for the bell and announced that Nature Boy was eliminated. Naitch is furious and CUJO’ apologized but said he shouldn't have jumped over the top rope! Orion then confronted CUJO’ about that ruling, as SFT and Jamie pounded away on Johnny Starr. Orion then turned his back toward a taunting Adonis and CUJO’ then threw Orion over the top rope!!! CUJO’ called for the bell and announced that Orion is eliminated. CUJO' apologized to Orion and CUJO’ is now badgered by SFT and Jamie. They both want to know what he was doing. CUJO’ told Jamie it had nothing to do with him and they were “cool”.

-As CUJO’ and Jamie exchanged words, Onyx entered the ring and “blacked out” (bicycle kicks) SFT! CUJO’ turned around and counted out SFT!! SFT is eliminated. Final two are Starr and Jamie. Jamie is livid at CUJO’ and CUJO’ is apologizing and told Jamie it has nothing to do with him. Jamie then beats the living tar out of a weary Starr with fists, chairs, and his rubber slippers!! The crowd is going crazy. Jamie then measured up Starr and knocked him out with a right upper-cut! Jamie covered Starr and CUJO’ counted 1, 2, .BUT, Onyx stopped the count. Jamie is screaming mad and yelled at CUJO’! CUJO’ said that was not his intention and that “Onyx made him stop the count.” Jamie shoved CUJO a few times and CUJO’ begged Jamie to believe him. Onyx then confronted Jamie and he had some words for her. Starr, then cheap shots Jamie to the reproductions area, and then cradled Jamie. CUJO” won’t count but Onyx reminded him of the “red envelope.” CUJO’ counted 1, 2, and then Onyx pushed CUJO’s hand down for the 3. Winner: JOHNNY STARR!!....OMG and WOW!!!!

- Jamie Day is furious and told CUJO’ that he can’t trust him anymore. CUJO’ reminded Jamie that they had been friends for 20+ years, and that he didn’t want it to end this way. Jamie then said for CUJO’ to make it right by making a match next for the next show in Rincon on Saturday, June 28th: A “taped fist” match, between him and Johnny Star. Wrestler vs. Boxer. This is a match where both men are allowed to tape and/or wrap their hands to allow them to punch harder without damaging their hands. CUJO’ makes the match!!! Starr accepted it. Jamie left the ring as CUJO’ and ONXY embraced. Starr re-entered the ring with his cadre watching his back. He demanded that CUJO’ let Onyx go as Eric showed CUJO’ the envelope. CUJO’ and Onyx separate holding hands, as Starr drags her away. Starr’s music played as he pulled Onyx to the back with all of JSI celebrating. CUJO’ stood in the ring for at least 5 minutes with his head down sobbing. As his voice crackled, tears rolled from his eyes down his wet mask. CUJO’ ended the Show sniffling and crying. He reminded all about the SMACKDOWN CANCER III show in Statesboro.

- WOW!!!! What a night! The Nature Boy came to Rincon. Orion is once again “screwed” by both JSI and CUJO’. SFT successfully defended his title but he once again is unsure if he should even be the champion. The Kid Campers steal the hearts of the crowd and kick it up a notch with aggression and style. Did CUJO’ betray his life-long friend Jamie Day, and why? Where does AMOR now stand in JSI as Johnny Starr anoints Adonis and Glamour as tag-team champions? And what about Johnny Starr. He is not only the most hated man in APW, but he holds this “red envelope” that has CUJO’, Onyx, and everyone else in APW in complete disarray.

Next Show: ROCK -n-WRESTLING: SMACKDOWN CANCER III. May 31st, D&R Intensive Car Care. Statesboro, GA. 3:00pm is the concert. Bell time is 5:30pm.

First and foremost, on a personal level, I must congratulate the crew of APW for putting on a show that was appropriate and enjoyable for all ages. My children had just as much fun as I did.

The highlight of the evening, by far, was Ringgold, GA’s own ‘Nature Boy’ Paul Lee.

While obviously paying homage to the great ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, Mr. Lee turns the persona “all the way to 11” and still manages to make the character his own. Many fans initially frowned upon seeing someone approach the ring the Flair’s music, sporting wavy blonde hair, wearing a classic ‘Nature Boy’ robe, and “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOing” like a man possessed. Before it was all said and done, however, the perception had changed.

“I went into the show thinking I would be booing this Ric Flair rip-off. But before it was over, he was the highlight of the show,” said longtime APW fan Mike. “I was really impressed.”

In my opinion, Lee’s match with former APW Champion Aaron Orion was a strong contender for ‘Match of the Night’ honors. The other standout was the fast-paced battle between young lions Lex Lee and Kevin Coffman (according to the ladies in attendance, THAT was the best match).

Of course, the two matches showcasing the Kid Campers were fantastic in their own right.

The 4-Way Elimination was highlighted by an impressive technical and brawling display between former partners Dynamite and Monster. However, it was fan-favorites Pink Eagle and AK-47 who completed match.

Macho Kid and Hollywood played a slick game of ‘cat & mouse’ during their bout, leading to a double disqualification. They will get their rematch in the first ever “Oil Change Match” this Saturday in Statesboro, GA (more on that in a moment).

Wrapping up the evening was the Main Event 8-Man Tag. The description above does not do this match justice. It was insane from start to finish, with some of the craziest brawling I’ve seen since the heyday of the original ECW. It was a fitting way to cap off the show.

As stated in the recap above, the major theme throughout the show was the mysterious red envelope held by Johnny Starr over Commissioner Cujo’s head. The contents, which have been highly debated among APW personnel and fans, will be revealed this Saturday when APW presents SMACKDOWN CANCER III!

You can watch videos teasing the big reveal (as well as footage from RINCON RAMPAGE) ON Cujo’s Official YouTube Channel.

Also scheduled for this Saturday will be the aforementioned “Oil Change Match” between Kid Campers Hollywood and Macho Kid, a “Bunkhouse Rules Match” between managers Bobby Mayhem, Dr. Love, and Cowboy Keith, Heavyweight Champion San Francisco Treat, Eric Glamour, Amor, Pink Eagle, Monster, AK-47, Dynamite, and a pre-show concert by Dead Man’s Hand.

The concert begins at 3PM (the wrestling action starts at 5:30PM) and takes place in the parking lot at D&R Intensive Car Care (811 South Main Street, Statesboro, GA 30458).

More information on this and future shows can be found at and APW’s Official Facebook Page.

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