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APTN 'Blackstone' TV pilot 2011 is gritty, powerful 'First Nations' drama

Blackstone” (APTN) can be seen each Wednesday evening. You have to check your local TV listings for time zones in Canada. The 4th TV season has already started with an 8 episode run. TV fans can now watch the series in the United States over at the website called, “Hulu.” The first three TV seasons are streaming online. You have to be a registered member of “Hulu” because the TV drama is for mature audiences only.

Cast of First TV season
APTN TV series logo

According to the official APTN website. The synopsis of “Blackstone” is right here. “Intense, compelling and confrontational, 'Blackstone' is an un-muted exploration of First Nations’ power and politics - unfolding over nine one-hour episodes. This raw, authentic drama tells the story of the fictional 'Blackstone First Nation', suffering disintegration by its own hand – the result of the corruption of its Chief and Council. From within the community, a new generation of leaders rise up and fight to create lasting and substantial change.”

Blackstone” stars a full native aboriginal cast. Here are 8 characters, Carmen Moore (Leona Stoney), Eric Schweig (Andy Fraser), Steven Cree Molison (Daryl Fraser), Michelle Thrush (Gail Stoney), Nathaniel Arcand (Victor Merasty), Andrea Menard (Debbie Fraser), Trevor Duplessis (Greg Nepoose) & Justin Rain (Alan Fraser).

This is a rewind back to the TV pilot episode called, “Future, What Future?” which aired on Jan. 25, 2011. It opened with three “first nations” teens who begin to sniff gasoline to get high. An elder narrates over these teens as the drugs take affect. It turns out that Victor Merasty is video recording his uncle telling him a story about the creation of the "first nations" people.

The Blackstone tribal band office was set on fire. The media interviews the band chief named Andy Fraser who confronts a female news reporter. “First Nations” members believe there is corruption at the chief's office that starts with Andy himself. Victor was supposed to video record elders speaking, but he catches Andy instead much to his wife's dismay.

Those teens end up at a house who have all passed out from the night before. Natalie wakes up with no pants on & sees a young man smiling at her. Later, Victor brings his camera over, but finds Natalie high after sniffing gasoline. He wants only to interview her, but she thinks he only wants to sleep with her, like all the other guys.

Leona Stoney is a recovering addict who counsels other young teens who have abused alcohol & drugs. Victor argues with his wife about the supposed corruption with their elected officials. The elder tells Victor that it all has to be dealt with & the “first nations” people need to help themselves.

What happens to the party girl named Natalie? How deep does the corruption go within the band offices? How can the"first nations" people survive through their own poverty, drugs, alcoholism & the dirty politics? You can watch "Future, What Future?" at Hulu.

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