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APTN 'Blackstone' season 1, episode 6 'Daddy's Home' Leona lost special election

Blackstone” (APTN) was renewed for a 4th TV season with an 8 episode order 2014. “First Nations” fans can now watch the Canadian TV series in the United States over at the website called, “Hulu.” The first three TV seasons are streaming online there. You have to be a member of “Hulu” to watch because the show is for mature audiences only.

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Blackstone” stars a dominant “first nations” aboriginal cast. Here are 8 characters, Carmen Moore (Leona Stoney), Eric Schweig (Andy Fraser), Steven Cree Molison (Daryl Fraser), Michelle Thrush (Gail Stoney), Nathaniel Arcand (Victor Merasty), Andrea Menard (Debbie Fraser), Trevor Duplessis (Greg Nepoose) & Justin Rain (Alan Fraser).

This is a rewind back to season one, episode six called, “Daddy's Home” which aired on March 1, 2011. It opened with Victor finally getting to see his daughter. His ex-wife sends her over with a black male who says she doesn't want to see Victor's face. It appears that she never loved nor cared for Victor at all.

Leona finally tells Gail that Phil's DNA was in Natalie's rape kit. She also has to get Tim ready to testify against Phil. There are more victims & Leona wants to find them. Back at Blackstone, Andy speaks at a council meeting where he gains applause from the community. There will be a special election & Victor tells Leona to get back before she loses her job as Band Chief.

Andy gives council member Mona an envelope of money. She hands it back & demands that he make changes. He of course makes a promise “on his mother's grave.” Mona says she will vote against Leona after she takes that money. Andy succeeded in breaking up Leona's supporters. She is across town with Tim at a court appointed motel. He tells her that he told an adult what was happening to him. Whoever it was did nothing about it.

Daryl is pushing his dad in a wheelchair who had part of his foot cut off. He tells Daryl that Andy visited him at the hospital, but they didn't talk. Meanwhile, Andy organizes a re-election as he talks passionately about their community. He wants to build a recreation center in the name of Natalie who died of a drug overdose. Leona shows up late & loses the special election. All her supporters including Victor were voted off the council too.

Tim has this nightmare that his uncle Phil enters his motel room with a knife. He wakes up as Phil is about to slit his throat. Andy celebrates his return as band chief, but he doesn't know Daryl brought their dad over to live with him. Leona is jogging & sees Terri walking to the grocery store. Later, she tells Leona that she left Blackstone because Phil raped her too.

Will Leona leave Blackstone? Can Terri have the courage to testify against Phil? Is Andy in deeper problems as he regains his position as Band Chief? You can watch “Daddy's Home” over at Hulu.

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