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APTN 'Blackstone' season 1, episode 4, 'Suffer the Children' sex crimes revealed

Blackstone” (APTN) was renewed for a 4th TV season with an 8 episode order 2014. “First Nations” fans can now watch the Canadian TV series in the United States over at the website called, “Hulu.” The first three TV seasons are streaming online there. You have to be a registered member of “Hulu” to watch because the show is for mature audiences only.

Season 1 Logo 2011
APTN Television

Blackstone” stars a dominant “first nations” aboriginal cast. Here are 8 characters, Carmen Moore (Leona Stoney), Eric Schweig (Andy Fraser), Steven Cree Molison (Daryl Fraser), Michelle Thrush (Gail Stoney), Nathaniel Arcand (Victor Merasty), Andrea Menard (Debbie Fraser), Trevor Duplessis (Greg Nepoose) & Justin Rain (Alan Fraser).

This is a rewind back to season one, episode four called, “Suffer the Children” which aired on Feb. 15, 2011. It opened with a man named Gary who rounds up the teens who are not in high school. He brings them all in so they can face the new substitute teacher & she's a white woman. One teen calls her “Betty Crocker.”

Leona informs her board members that Stew came back to Blackstone to investigate Natalie's death. She then tells them that Natalie was raped before she overdosed on drugs. Another girl was also raped which was brought to the attention of Andy when he was chief. Nothing was done about it. Leona informs Victor that someone used her office password to transfer $100,000 from the tribe's accounts & also that somebody fixed her car so it would break down.

An elder named Cecil (Gordon Tootoosis) is a trusted adviser to Leona. He tells her to be a strong band chief who remains in control. Plus, she has to be smarter than Andy with his schemes & lies. A high school male is buying hard liquor for Gail who doesn't have any money. She trades the liquor for sex as her daughter Natalie appears to her again in the bedroom. Gail is ashamed, but she has to have another drink.

Leona & Victor ask a contractor named Walt questions about the $100,000 he received from the band office. Andy secretly used her password to transfer that money. Walt calls the band office lawyer that Andy used while he was chief. Victor urges Leona to use a lawyer who hasn't been bought off by Andy. The high school teacher finds out that one of the students is being sexually abused. She goes to Leona about it.

Andy's wife asks him if he knew about Natalie's rape & he acknowledges it. She tells him that Stew is asking a lot of questions as the rape investigation widens. Andy claims that he doesn't know who raped Natalie. Gail is drunk & sitting on the porch when Natalie appears to her again. She cries & screams at her mother for giving up her body for alcohol.

Will Leona get that $100,000 back? Can Gail ever control the heavy drinking? How many “first nations” women were actually raped? You can watch “Suffer the Children” over at Hulu.

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