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APTN 'Blackstone' season 1, episode 3 'White Bread Red Class' racism surfaces

Blackstone” (APTN) can be seen each Wednesday evening. You have to check your local TV listings for time zones in Canada. The 4th TV season has already begun with an 8 episode run. Fans can now watch the TV series in the United States over at the website called, “Hulu.” The first three TV seasons are streaming online there. You have to be a member of “Hulu” to stream because the TV show is for mature audiences only.

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APTN Television

Blackstone” stars a full “First Nations” aboriginal cast. Here are 8 characters, Carmen Moore (Leona Stoney), Eric Schweig (Andy Fraser), Steven Cree Molison (Daryl Fraser), Michelle Thrush (Gail Stoney), Nathaniel Arcand (Victor Merasty), Andrea Menard (Debbie Fraser), Trevor Duplessis (Greg Nepoose) & Justin Rain (Alan Fraser).

This is a rewind back to season one, episode three called, “White Bread Red Class” which aired on Feb. 8, 2011. It opened with a “first nations” teen boy bullying a high school teacher. He takes over the class playing his rap music as the scared teacher quits.

It appears that Andy had bought off the tribal organizations while he was band chief. The general store manager gives him & his son free products. Andy asks his son why he's with this girl named Sheila who he doesn't like. Both teens bailed on class after the teacher left. Meanwhile, Leona finds her sister Gail passed out inside the band office. She was supposed to lock up after work, but fell down & blacked out at the front office door. Andy & his friends took all the files that linked them to stolen funds.

When Gail drinks alcohol, her daughter Natalie comes to talk with her. She died recently from a drug overdose. Their conversations are not pretty & Gail doesn't understand why she keeps seeing her daughter. Leona finds out that the problem with the local high school is that it is built on racism. The teens chase out all the white substitute teachers. No one wants to come to Blackstone to teach them.

Andy asks one of his boys to take all the files outside & burn them. He keeps the un-cashed welfare checks that are supposed to go to Blackstone residents. All the problems he had caused now drops into Leona's lap. She later asks questions about those missing files at the next board meeting. Andy's council friends continue to dodge every accusation.

Leona finds out that before Natalie had died she was raped. Her medical examination was mis-filed. Leona's good friend named Stew had found out about Natalie through a favor outside Blackstone. Andy might be covering up everything from stolen funds to possible crime in Blackstone.

Can the investigation into Natalie's rape stay quiet? Will Blackstone find a substitute teacher & not be bullied? How can Leona crawl out of all the mess Andy had created? You can watch “White Bread Red Class” at Hulu.

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