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APTN 'Blackstone' season 1, episode 2 'A New Beginning' for Leona Stoney

Blackstone” (APTN) can be seen each Wednesday evening. You have to check your local TV listings for time zones in Canada. The 4th TV season has already begun with an 8 episode run. TV fans can now watch the series in the United States over at the website called, “Hulu.” The first three TV seasons are streaming online there. You have to be a member of “Hulu” to stream because the TV show is for mature audiences only.

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Blackstone” stars a full “First Nations” aboriginal cast. Here are 8 characters, Carmen Moore (Leona Stoney), Eric Schweig (Andy Fraser), Steven Cree Molison (Daryl Fraser), Michelle Thrush (Gail Stoney), Nathaniel Arcand (Victor Merasty), Andrea Menard (Debbie Fraser), Trevor Duplessis (Greg Nepoose) & Justin Rain (Alan Fraser).

This is a rewind back to season one, episode two called, “A New Beginning.” It originally aired on Feb. 1, 2011 at APTN in Canada. It opened with the very first meeting of the new chief & her name is Leona Stoney. She beat Andy Fraser in his bid to get re-elected. This meeting doesn't go well as several of Andy's council member friends deny allegations of missing funds. They are in danger of being replaced. Leona had to calm everyone down.

Andy's wife is furious over him losing the election who swears & screams at him. She's worried about the new band chief finding out about the money Andy had stolen. Leona is scared of her new position as the blackstone community wants & desperately needs money for every organization. Meanwhile, Gail Stoney who is Leona's sister has an alcohol problem. Her daughter Natalie died recently of a drug overdose. In a dream sequence, Natalie visits her mother as she binges.

Andy tells a friend that Leona will not last long & he believes that the new chief will not link those email accounts to him. Andy has two close friends on the council who will try to scheme & trip up Leona. Intimidation is key & it looks like it might work as they gang up on her. Victor tells Leona that his wife left him for another guy. She found an excuse to leave him after he challenged Andy at the council meeting.

Andy's council friends hand over very little audit papers to Victor as he tries to figure out where all the money went. Leona's white boyfriend named Chris visits her amidst all the chaos. She is surprised & has no time for him. Gail's alcohol problem causes her to walk up the dirt road in the morning. She's still grieving over her daughter's death.

Why does Andy want his council friends to keep taking boxes from the chief office? Will Gail except Leona's job proposal? Are Victor & Leona just close friends? You can watch “A New Beginning” over at Hulu.

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