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April's second Muddy Waters celebration slated for the 28th, Hideout Bar & Grill

Muddy Waters gets your mojo workin'
Muddy Waters gets your mojo workin'

Muddy Waters came into this world in April, and he left it in April. To celebrate his life and music, Kansas City will have two April events this year which bear his name. If you enjoyed the B.B.'s Lawnside BBQ tribute to Muddy, then perhaps you will have recuperated enough by April 28 to have another go at it with the folks at the Hide Out Bar & Grill.

Coyote Bill, known for his consistent appearances on the blues scene with his Wild Ones, has been organizing a late April tribute for several months now. "I got the idea last year," said Bill. "Every year B.B.'s Lawnside BBQ has a Muddy Waters Celebration in the first week of April to honor Muddy's birthday, and last year B.B.'s had a harmonica tribute where all these top harp players in town came out and jammed... I said “why don't they do a slide guitar tribute since Mud played slide guitar?" El Coyote knocked the idea around with several club owners before settling on a venue.

"I took the idea to Mike Vogt at the Hideout and he loved it" Bill says. "He didn't have any weekend dates open, so he gave me a Thursday night, April 28. I will be there with my band [Coyote Bill and his Wild Ones]. There will be two other featured acts: Billy Beale playing solo, and Molly Gene 'the One Woah-Man Band' both of whom are outstanding slide players. The night will end with a big ol' jam with all kinds of guests including Jason Vivone, Tom Duckworth, Paul Wilks, Dave Hays, all great slide players, as well as Scottyboy Daniel (Harp), Kevin Kraft (Cigar box slide player), Greg Canseco (bass), Paul Greenlease (Bass), Dan Rice (Harp & Vocals) and there may even be more people showing up too. I keep getting emails from people saying they wanna come out!"

Muddy Waters Slide Guitar Celebration, April 28, 2011, Hide Out Bar & Grill on North Oak in Gladstone, MO