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April monthly update: MOOCs, an experiment in obtaining college credit

Edward De Los Santos began his MOOC journey a year ago in March 2013 and has taken seven MOOCs to date, five with Coursera. By undertaking as many MOOCs as possible, he plans to apply for credit via a prior learning assessment portfolio (PLA) at his intended university.

Last month, we found Edward enrolled in three accelerated college credit courses that he was awaiting grades for, in addition to a Coursera and Kaplan University MOOCs, with plans to enroll in another MOOC or two.

Edward, how are your courses so far?

I'm still doing well in both the Databases course and the Documenting Your Experiences course. I started the Programming for Everybody on April 10th. It’s completely different than what I'm used to. Interesting, but different.

Have you received your scores for your college classes?

Yes! I received an A in all my courses which makes it a 4.0 GPA for the semester and a 3.2 GPA overall. I am very happy with the grades.

I should say so! Well done! What are your plans after you complete these three MOOCs?

After I complete these last three, I want the summer off to at least take a couple IT certification exams, possibly longer if I enroll in more college credit course in the autumn. But mainly, my wife and I hopefully plan to travel. We're thinking about either moving overseas or buying a vacation home abroad.

Edward, that’s great! Thank you so much for taking the time to update us over the last year. We wish you the best in all of your future endeavors.

Please check back next month on Edward’s progress with his MOOCs.

Summary of Edward’s MOOC courses and scores (when available):

English Composition I: Achieving Expertise! (Duke University) - 86.6% with distinction.

Internet History, Technology, and Security (University of Michigan) - 102.3% with distinction.

The Ancient Greeks (Wesleyan University) - 94.3% with distinction.

Genes and the Human Condition (University of Maryland, College Park) - 82.8%.

Documenting Your Experiences for College Credit (Kaplan University) - in progress

Introduction to Databases (Stanford University) - in progress

Programming for Everybody (University of Michigan) - in progress

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