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April is the ASPCA Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

Bring on the prevention by displaying the color orange!
Bring on the prevention by displaying the color orange!

Are you ready to make a difference to the various creatures in our community? Are you willing to grab up any and all four-legged friends to administer extra hugs this month? April is the month that the ASPCA celebrates the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; one of their most celebrated events.

“Go Orange for Animals!” This is the mantra that the ASPCA urges its followers to support during the entire month of April. Whenever the public sees the orange color, it will help to raise awareness for the ASPCA’s cause. It is as easy to wear orange or to even light up an entire town orange to get the consciousness level elevated. The possibilities are endless to help improve the lives of animals in your neck of the woods and across the country.

So, why did the ASPCA choose the color orange as the hue of the month? The color orange is vibrant and energetic so many people, especially ASPCA supporters find it inspiring. Entire communities, classrooms, businesses and libraries will be noticeable during this spring month.

Other ways to show support is to arrange a pet parade in your neighborhood. Perhaps another method would be to decorate the neighborhood trees and bushes with orange bows, ribbons and lights. Your own dog would also look great with an orange collar or hair bow.

How about your car? How many times have you seen automobiles decorated for sporting activities? Why not paint messages such as “Go Orange for Animals!” or “Celebrate Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month!” on the windows?

If you are not above displaying messages for the cause, dress up your favorite t-shirt, sweatshirt or jeans with orange paint or ribbons and bows; wear orange pants, shirts, ties, shoelaces or socks. If you don’t have anything appropriate, you could also visit the ASPCA Online Store, and potentially locate the perfect orange wear – or accessories.

Another way to spur awareness is by attracting peoples’ stomachs. Decorating cookies, cakes or cupcakes with orange frosting will draw some attention, especially if the cookies are in the shapes of domestic animals wearing orange collars.

For other ways to enhance awareness, don’t hesitate to visit the ASPCA website. Join their cause on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

No matter how you do it, do it. As the ASPCA website states: Go Orange! Glow Orange! Show Orange for Animals! The animals will thank you for spreading the word about how to prevent the abuse and cruelty shown to animals.

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