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April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month!


Many people don’t give this a second thought. Pet First Aid? What about it? Well, being in the Veterinary Field I can tell you first hand there is much more to it than you’d imagine. Let me give you a couple of reasons why I feel it’s a good idea for every pet owner and pet business to become educated in pet first aid.

First let’s talk professional pet services. Pet owners all over the country entrust a professional pet service for many things. Grooming, Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Boarding, Training and many more in pet services in today’s world. We trust that our pet will be okay when in that pet professionals care. But what if something happens while they are? What if they do get injured? What if they eat or drink something poisonous or they are outside too long and become overheated? What if they fall into a swimming pool, or what if they have an unknown health problem that presents itself while in the care of the pet service? Will the pet professional know the signs, the symptoms? Can they tell if something is “Just not right”? Will they know what to do in case of an accident, injury or emergency with your pet?

Scenario one, your pet sitter arrives to your home for the first visit of the day. After walking in he/she discovers your pet is having a seizure. Your pet has never had one before so you had no idea or you would’ve informed the pet sitter. What should the pet sitter do? Try to stop the seizure? If so, how do you do that? Should the pet sitter call for help, a neighbor perhaps? What do they do? Let’s say your pet has a doggy door and goes out for some fresh air, missteps and ends up in the pool. Pools can be especially dangerous to the elderly pet that has lost some site and hearing as well as young, curious puppies that haven’t been taught how to use the pool. So what do you do if you find a pet in your care, in the pool?

Scenario two, you just hired a professional mobile pet groomer. Your pet is going to be in their care for at least an hour, maybe longer. Sometimes it’s a pet owner who has an older pet whom gets upset going to a pet salon. There are too many loud barking dogs and noises. It’s too stressful to do anymore. The pet owner has found the solution by hiring a mobile pet salon to come to the pet’s own home. Much less stressful than the full service facility. But even being less stressful, what if your pet wiggles too much and accidentally gets a razor cut, or gosh forbid, let’s say an unknown medical problem such as heart disease has caused sudden collapse, what will the groomer do? Time is of essence in emergencies. Will she start First Aid, does she know Pet CPR? What happens next?

Scenario 3, you, the pet owner. You’re with your pet more than anyone else. You see them each day. What will you do if your dog or cat has an injury or emergency while at home with you? Will you know what to do? If it’s a large dog over 90 pounds can you lift them into your car alone? Can you stop a bleeding paw or laceration by yourself? Can you spot illness in one of your pets? You know the saying by now, “If you know what’s normal for your pet you’ll also know what’s not normal!”

If you haven’t ever thought of this before maybe this month is the time to do it. Let’s celebrate your empowerment as a newly educated pet owner, pet business or pet volunteer by being able to better care for those unforeseen accidents with the beloved animals in your care!

Did you know that there are very few places to receive pet First Aid training? The Red Cross no longer offers classes except for in Washington. I recommend Pet Tech Inc. You can search directly from their website for an Instructor in your area. Pet Tech Inc. has Instructors all over the nation. Their website is user friendly, informative and easily found by clicking the link above or the picture below.

To find an Instructor simply type in your zip code and a list of any and all Instructors in your area will show. I became a Pet Tech Instructor several years ago and have had the opportunity to share this important information to many pet parents and businesses. It is such an incredible feeling when they tell me they feel so much better about being knowledgeable about their pet’s health. Pet businesses are also starting to catch on. They finally understand that in today’s world if you want to be at the top of your profession you need to be educated in Pet CPR and First Aid. There are too many sites to choose pet services from but when you come across one that shows they have taken a Pet CPR and First Aid Class, they stand out. Why would you hire anyone who wasn’t??


Let’s celebrate Pet First Aid Awareness Month by taking time out of your schedule and taking a pet CPR and First Aid course! I will continue to have classes this summer in Chandler, near Riggs and Gilbert Roads.

My classes are 6 hours long and cost just $115. If you are interested in registering please call or email me at 602-359-3693 or

Thanks Pet Parents!

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