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April is Green Your Pet Month

Cedar Dog Launches Green your Pet Month
Cedar Dog Launches Green your Pet Month
  • How can you reduce your pet’s carbon paw-print?
  • Do you know how your pet impacts the earth?
  • Do you know how you impact your pet's health and your own?

How conscientious are you as a pet parent? Do you scoop or walk away? What is in your pet’s food bowl? Is your animal in danger at home --- have you eliminated all toxic exposures in and around your house? How sustainable are you and your pack? How do your protect your pets from being homeless?

Five Eco-Solutions for a Pet's Daily Life Watch the video

  • End Pet Homelessness
  • Pet Waste
    Dogs call on their humans "STOOP to SCOOP"
    Cats INSIST replace clay-based litter with safe, bio-degradable litter
  • What is in your Pet's LUNCHBOX?
  • Do away with ALL TOXIC Exposures
  • Be SUSTAINABLE in ALL that you do.

Future articles will discuss each of the five agenda items. Learn how you can help end pet homelessness.
Do you pick up your dog's waste in a plastic bag and throw it in the trash? What other backyard options are available? What litter do you provide for your cat? Are you and your cat allergic to clay-based litters. What options exist, are they safe and how do you switch over to safer litter?

Can you identify ingredients in healthy, nutritious food, chews and treats for your dog or cat? How toxic and unsafe is your home, yard and neighborhood? Do you know 1st Aid for you pet? Could you save you pet's life in an emergency? What does sustainbility mean to you? How can you and your pet reduce-reuse-recycle? Tell us how GREEN you and your pet are today.

Cedar Dog and her transcriber have written two books on Eco-Solutions for a Pet's Daily Life. In April of 2010, the Cheaspeake Bay retriever launched National Green your Pet Month. Join her and tell five of your friends to do the same. Let's get Green done. Reduce your pet's carbon paw-print!


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