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April is C-Section Awareness Month!

Caesarean sections are more common that ever before.
Caesarean sections are more common that ever before.

For many mothers in Alberta, c-sections are commonplace and a regular occurrence. While the numbers of c-sections are growing steadily, there are many parents out there who have yet to experience it at all. About 1 in 5 mothers delivering will have a c-section procedure. Knowledge is key when approaching the subject of having a caesarean as a delivery option. While c-sections can be planned ahead of time, about 6% of caesarean deliveries are emergency procedures due to complications during pregnancy or the labour process.

The amount of women who are electing to have a caesarean procedure without any previous complications is rising steadily. This decision should not be taking lightly and the mother should be informed of all the risks and complications associated with having an elective surgery that is not needed. Knowing what happens before, during and after the c-section procedure is important for anyone who is thinking about having one or is at risk for having surgery.

There are many different resources online that you can find information about c-sections and why they may or may not be a choice for you. Be sure to let your delivery wishes known to your doctor and keep the communication open so that you are more prepared when the time comes for your baby's delivery time.