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April Fools' Day pranks for work: 10 memo pranks for coworkers or staff in 2014

April fools pranks can be hilarious in the workplace among coworkers, but it's not often the boss or supervisor gets a whack at pulling a prank on their staff. Here are 10 memos that you can send out for an April fools joke. Make sure you have a staff with a good sense of humor. Coworkers can also use this, just check with your supervisor first.

April fools prank for the workplace!
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You can put a disclaimer at the bottom in very small letters that this is only an April fools prank. If you don't have time to copy a punch of memos, post a few around the office and watch as your staff reads them. Leave a space for everyone to sign after they've fully read the memo. This will make it look like the real deal, so you know that the information was seen by all of your staff.

April fools pranks to play at work: 18 top co-worker and boss pranks for 2014

These pranks are harmless but they won't be something your staff will welcome when they think it is the real deal. Hand out or post these pranks and stand back and watch the office chatter begin! Count the frowns of the folks around the office and look forward to the laughter when you tell them this was an "April fools" joke.

According to the City News Toronto on March 31, the word "Prank" is a top search today as April Fools Day draws near. Many are looking for good clean pranks to use at work. Below, you will find some of the funniest ideas for memos as pranks while still keeping it under the umbrella of good, clean fun!

Memos for the supervisor, manager or boss to send out as April fools pranks:

Memo # 1: Tell them you will be trying out a new format at the next staff meeting. You must raise your hand to talk. Anyone talking out of turn will have to sit in a “time out” chair. If you follow the rules, you will get a red star on your employee file. They will think you flipped your lid.

Memo #2: Tell your staff that due to cut-backs, the cleaning company will no longer be cleaning the offices. Make up a schedule Monday through Friday and put each of your staff’s name next to a chore, like cleaning floors and cleaning toilets.

Memo # 3: Tell your staff that the office parking lot has been sold. Offer them a discount on sneakers at a local store because the new parking lot is about a mile away.

Memo #4: Tell your staff that due to cutting costs, coffee, use of the toilet and even paper towels will now cost them 25 cents each time you use them. Inform them jars will be placed next to each item and you are looking for the honor system to work.

Memo #5: Tell your staff that you are cutting costs by relocating the office into the basement of a warehouse. Tell them to dress warm and wear water proof shoes because the new facility has some water leakage problems.

Memo #6: Tell your staff that due to certain scents giving you a headache, they are only allowed to wear certain perfumes and cologne to work. Then give them a short list.

Memo #7: Tell your staff that due to a private matter that was just brought to your attention, you will be supplying antibacterial gel bottles for each desk. Ask them to please use a tissue or paper towel when touching the door knob, toilet handle and bathroom facets. That's it, offer no explanation as to why. Watch their faces as they read this!

Memo #8: Use a memo as an introduction to a new factitious supervisor you have hired. Give them a list of things to do and things not to do that makes absolutely no sense. Example: Please refrain from using the word "Bear" around Miss Tuttle. It is a long story that she will share with you when she is ready. If it is at all possible please do not wear the color yellow to work on Fridays. Make a list that sounds bizarre and try to keep a straight face as they read their memo.

Memo #9: Send out a memo that forbids certain foods in the employee's refrigerator. Make the list all healthy foods like carrots, apples, cheese, etc... Don't offer an explanation.

Memo #10: Send out a memo full of nepotism. Let them know that an uncle has just opened a fictitious shoe store and they will get a 2% discount if they shop there. You have a niece that is now selling jewelry. Employees will get a discount on anything over $200 dollars. Make a list of all the people you would like them to buy goods from and offer them minimal discounts!

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