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April Fools' Day pranks to play on family, friends and coworkers for 2014

April fools pranks for family, friends and coworkers on April 1!
April fools pranks for family, friends and coworkers on April 1!
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“April Fools' Day pranks” is a top online search subject today, as April 1 is a day that is designated for playing a prank or a joke on those around you. Today is a day when it is actually OK to prank your friends, coworkers and family members. The Huffington Post on April 1, suggests some of these pranks, like the air horn blowing, will be a prank people won't soon forget.

Everyone knows who the office prankster is, this is the man or woman who makes it a hobby out of pulling pranks all year round. Today is your day to get even. You don't have to get too elaborate to pull off a memorable April fools prank.

Here are some quick and last minute pranks that you can pull on your unsuspecting victims today:

Blow your own horn:

An air horn, the type used on a boat and at a sports venue, is loud and that is what you want for your April Fools' Day prank. Tape the air horn can underneath your co-worker's office chair with the can's push button almost touching the seat. Then when they sit down watch the show!

Tape an air horn on a wall so that when the door opens the door knob presses the horn’s lever. Watch as your unsuspecting roommate, friend, family member or coworker jumps!

Messy, but funny:

Pick up some yellow or clear dish detergent and empty the contents into the toilet tank. When your roommate, friend or family member flushes, the bowl fills with bubbles.

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Colorful shower:

Take a new bar of soap and hollow out a pocket using a screwdriver, saving the shavings you scrape out. Put some powdered red or green Kool-Aid in that pocket. Mix a small amount of water with the shavings to make it soft and pliable. Mold a piece over the pocket to seal the hole and put the soap in the shower. After about a minute of lathering up that piece you molded will dissolve and the shower turns colorful!'

Chicken soup for the entire soul:

Put a chicken bullion cube inside the shower head in the bathroom. Soon the place will smell like mom's cooking when your family member takes their shower!

Business card prank:

Grab a business card from your coworker and scan the card. Change the spelling around to make their last name sound comical. Print out about 10 of the business cards and switch them with your coworker’s business cards. After folks have settled in to start their business day, point out the mistake to your coworker.

Cry over milk puddle:

Make your own special effects prop with a clear glass, Elmer’s Glue and wax paper. Pour the Elmer’s Glue into the glass, about ¼ or ½ full. Put down a piece of wax paper on a table and slowly lay the glass down on its side, allowing the glue to flow onto the wax paper and pool into a spill pattern. Let it dry.

Once this is dry, remove the wax paper and you can put this glass on important papers on your coworker’s desk. You can also put a cell phone on top of the pooled dry glue, which will look like the cell phone is now wet with milk. The sky is the limit with this prop.

You can also do the same with melted white wax, if you don’t have glue in the house. Just replace the glue with the wax melted from a white candle.

Freak out your lunch partners:

Fill an empty jar of mayonnaise with vanilla or plain yogurt. Sit down for lunch at work with your coworkers and start eating what will look like just plain mayonnaise. This will gag your lunch partners!

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Snow storm inside:

Put mini marshmallows on the blades of a ceiling fan, either at home or at work. Then ask an unsuspecting person to turn the ceiling fan on, as it is getting warm. Watch the instant blizzard kick in!

Fun with bubble wrap:

Tape bubble wrap to the bottom of your family member or friends shoes and wait for the popping sounds. Take some more bubble wrap and tape it to the bottom of the toilet seat. As soon as the prank victim sits down, the popping begins.

Howl in the wind:

Tape a harmonica to the front of the prank victim’s car. As soon as they pick up the speed, an unsuspecting tune follows them home!

Fun with a baby monitor:

You can have a blast with a baby monitor at work and at home. Hide the speaker in the office, bedroom or even the bathroom. Make short haunting sounds periodically throughout the day and watch for that look on your victim’s face.

Simple, but fun to watch:

Tape your coworker or friend’s cell phone under a table and then keep calling them.

Sticky situation:

Replace the soap in the dispenser at work with Elmer’s Glue or maple pancake syrup. This makes for one sticky situation.

Wet feet:

Take a balloon and put a little water in it. Don’t tie it off, but carefully place the balloons in the toes of your prank victim’s shoes. When they slip on the shoes, they will have wet feet as the balloons leak out.

Mouthwatering donuts:

Buy some plain donuts and when you get them home or to the office, Put them in a paper bag and pour in a small box of baking soda. Shake up the donuts, one by one, until they are coated. Put them on a platter and offer them up to friends or coworkers. Watch their faces as they get that taste in their mouth. (Make sure you have some real donuts standing by to make it up to them).

Sell it all:

Put a For Sale sign on a friends, car, house, motorcycle or boat. This prank is worth a few laughs.

Smells like cheese:

Replace about ½ inch of your prank victim’s deodorant stick with cream cheese.

Colorful hands:
Add food coloring to the liquid soap dispenser in the bathroom at work.

Have some fun with a timer:

Plug in a timer then take a power strip and plug in the radio, TV, and lights to the power strip. Set it for a time you know someone will be in the room and sit back and watch the show.

Monster in the toilet:

Print out a picture of a monster or a mean looking face and tape it to the underside of the toilet seat facing up. Then put the toilet seat and cover down. Whoever opens the cover will be in for a fright!

A quick good morning:

Sneak into your other half’s car, put the volume on the radio to high and turn on the wipers. That’s one way for them to start their April Fools Day, before making the trek to work!

These pranks should keep you busy for a while as you set the stage to pull a joke on some of your favorite people on April Fools' Day 2014!

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