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April Fools' Day a total Riff-Off on National Geographic Channel

The guys from "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and RiffTrax on National Geographic Channel on April Fools' Day.
The guys from "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and RiffTrax on National Geographic Channel on April Fools' Day.
National Geographic Channel

April Fools' programming on National Geographic is a total Riff-Off, with the cast of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" providing hilarious narration mining comedy gold in Nat Geo's Wildest shows. The three hour Total Riff-Off premieres Tuesday, April 1, 2014 (8-11 p.m. ET/PT).

It might seem alarming to tune in on April Fools' Day and see a mantis shrimp talking about its dinner or bloodthirsty monsters being compared to celebrities, but it is all part of the fun.

The guys from "Mystery Science Theater 3000" and RiffTrax are adding their very own commentary to classic National Geographic Channel programs, featuring excerpts from "Honey Badgers," "Unlikely Animal Friends," "Man v. Monster," "Swamp Men," "Alpha Dogs," and more.

After “Mystery Science Theater 3000” went off the air, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett responded to fan requests to revive the show by launching RiffTrax, a website where fans can stream and download movies with hilarious commentaries. National Geographic Channel has booked them for one night only.

Total Riff Off, it’s all about the animals, in a different manner than usually seen on Nat Geo. RiffTrax finds the comedy in the unsuspecting honey badger, mantis shrimp and geographer’s cone snail of Bad@$$ Animals.

The guys then work their commentary magic on some unlikely relationships between man and his animals, such as a goose and a seal, in segments from Unlikely Animal Friends. And they get their hands on a segment from My Dog Ate What? to riff about a pup with an affinity for thongs.

Finally, riffers Nelson, Murphy and Corbett add their hilarious commentary to an episode of Man v. Monster. Imagine the jokes when they sink their teeth into host Richard Terry’s suspenseful hunt for an elusive flesh-eating bat.

At the end of the three hours of Total Riff Off, viewers may have learned a thing or two while having fun on April Fools' Day fun.

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