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April Fool's: Frank Ocean releases double album ala Beyonce

Anyone would believe this... if it weren't April 1st.
Anyone would believe this... if it weren't April 1st.

If you happen to have read somewhere that Frank Ocean just released a double album called River/Lake, and are scouring torrents for a copy, you've been duped! After acknowledging that today is, in fact, April 1st, all you'll have left to do is laugh at yourself ( I know I did). The list of guest appearances and producers is any R&B-loving hipster's dream, but give yourself a second to realize that this is almost too good to be true. Guest appearances include: Kanye West, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, Lorde, Beyonce, and The Beatles (as if a sampling of "Blackbird" on a record like this isn't enough of a slap in the face.) With producers like Pharrell and James Blake also attached, this announcement almost tear-inducing for all the right reasons (joy). So, no new Frank Ocean record any time soon (not even on April 15th for individual tracks).

Here was the "original tracklist":

01 Saturn
02 High-Heel Sneaker (featuring Kanye West)
03 Ebb Tide
04 Visions (featuring Justin Vernon)
05 Boy Blue
06 Morning Glow
07 Contusion
08 Black Man
09 Bird of Beauty (sampling The Beatles)

10 Euphoria Highway (featuring Beyoncé)
11 Bloody Mouth
12 Private Joy
13 God (featuring Lorde)
14 Neon Telephone
15 Hot Thing
16 200 Balloons
17 Paisley Park (featuring Earl Sweatshirt)
18 Waiting Room

Now, Frank Ocean is actually working on a record, and it's currently TBA on whether it'll be released this year or not, but make sure to keep a look out for any Ocean updates and make sure it's NOT April 1st. Awesome job, Internet!

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