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April fool’s day 2014: Three fun pranks to play on your family or friends

Ah, April fool’s day 2014 is almost here. The day that class clowns and pranksters everywhere get to deliver classic and hilarious pranks on everyone they know. Have you ever gotten fooled on April fool’s day? Now is the time for revenge!

Happy April fools day

Your April fool’s day prank doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. Some of the funniest and oldest tricks don’t cost a penny; and with just about everyone you know on Facebook, a simple wall post can snowball into a funny “ha ha, I got you” moment very easily.

So let’s take a look at three easy and fun pranks that will fool the best of them.

  1. Short sheet the bed. Classic (and ancient) prank that gets them every time. According to, here’s how you do it: Place the fitted sheet onto the mattress as usual, by securing each fitted corner around the corners of the mattress. Spread the top sheet over the bed as you would if you were going to make the bed normally. Pull the top of the sheet up toward the head of the bed, and tuck it in under the head so it looks like it is the fitted sheet. Grasp the bottom of the sheet (toward the foot of the bed) and fold it upward so that the end of the sheet ends up where the top of a normal top sheet would be (near your head when you lie down). Place the blanket, quilt or comforter on top of the sheet as usual. Tuck in the edges as you normally would.
  2. Shower of fun. For this prank the person’s bedroom door must open to the inside, and they need to be a sleeping like a rock. While the person is inside the room sleeping away, quietly tape newspaper and banner paper across the door jam, covering it almost to the top. Then fill the gap between the newspaper and the door with something that will shower the person; such as ping pong balls, popcorn, Styrofoam pieces or something else small. When the person opens the door, they'll be greeted by a shower of fun!
  3. Give them a salty surprise! Simply put salt on the victim’s toothbrush. Then stand by to watch the surprised look on their face when they brush their teeth.

April fool’s day is always a fun day to play playful pranks; however keep in mind not all pranks are funny. Use common sense and don’t play a prank on someone who will not appreciate your silly sense of humor. It’s supposed to be a fun day, not a day to bring out frustrations in your friends.

So for April fool’s day this year, have fun, be safe and keep smiling!

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