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April Fool's Day hits the Triangle

April Fool's Day hits the Triangle.
April Fool's Day hits the Triangle.
Loretta Arnold, RHE

Watch out locals! April Fool's Day is not over yet. Between false red flag warnings like "the stove is on fire, hurry", "my mom went out of town for a week, can I stay here", "my car broke down, I'll be late for work", "my mother is moving in", and the traditional "someone hit your parked car" line, an April Fool's victim is born every time the first day of April rolls around. Today is no different. Get your joke on!

There is still hope for those last minute go getting jokers. Here are some local tugs on the almighty funny bone. Starting within reason.

Anger-proof April Fool's Day gags should result in light humor. For instance try telling someone they have something on their face repetitively as they wipe and wipe - wait for it, wait for it - gotcha! Or telling someone, on a short notice, that something has gotten in the way of plans - wait for it, wait for it - gotcha! But nobody gets you like your kids. So, watch out for kids.

The multiple ways children trick are definitely crafty at times. Taping the nozzle of the water sprayer in the kitchen is novel. Switching the salt with sugar has been done. Rubber spiders on the counter and ice cubes of fake flies at large. Where the mouse soap pad loses appeal, the long tail out of the corner hole, the noisy deflating device tucked under a seat cushion, or the previously recorded "doorbell" sound played whenever someone walks away from the door tricks make up for. But nothing is more priceless than the one-liner straight from the kiddo - of all ages.

"You didn't get mail" (as mail is behind them).

"I ate all of the cookies" (gotcha!).

The silliest jokers of all time comes from children learning how to play along with April Fool's Day. Usually children are taught boundaries, even on April 1st. But what happens to the grown ups who missed that lesson? They tend to joke irresponsibly.

Here comes the serious diehard April Fool's Day stunts that everyone could live without. Not suggested. We're talking the kind of jokes that could take a turn for the worst if you choose the victim carelessly. Meaning, make sure you know them well enough to pull their leg to these extents.

Pretend you've been arrested and request their assistance in bail money. Play the bad seed for a couple minutes. Just make sure they understand you're fully kidding by the end of that call.

Placing a raw egg into a batch of boiled eggs may not mean much until the wrong egg is cracked. Oh, yes you did.

Car light with no alarm system? Move it on them to another parking space. This one could get a person in trouble so make sure, without a doubt, that the victim will definitely be the kind of character that will see the humor, and only the humor.

Confront your boss and tell them the inspector called and is due at any moment. Don't let this one play out, finish it shortly after with a happy April Fool's Day.

Create a fake vehicle recall. The victim reads of how their car will be replaced with a (fill in that blank with the most ridiculous cars) due to a recall of major parts. Fold it, stick it in the envelop, put it inside of their mail or conveniently find it near their doorstep as if they dropped it - wait for it, wait for it - happy April Fool's Day. Abide by laws regardless of joke.

Today is the day to remember those who pulled last year's April Fool's Day gags on you. Paybacks are a trick. Could be due to a family tradition. Could be due to pure ignorance. Who knows. Just have fun with it, within reason (without a doubt).

Happy April Fool's Day!

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