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April Brings New Content for TESO, GW2 Feature Pack, Rift and SWTOR Events

Budgie Week Returns in Rift
Budgie Week Returns in Rift
Trion Worlds, Inc.

New Content for TESO

The first Adventure Zone for TESO, Craglorn, introduces a new challenging storyline for groups from four-player quests to up to twelve=player trials. Check out the latest video release to learn more.

GW2 Megaserver is Only the Beginning

April is going to be a big month for GW2 as they implement a number of game system changes in what they are calling the April 2014 Feature Pack. Changes include updates to the trait system, repair bills going away, new abilities for each class, wardrobe changes, social improvement, PVP gear changes, and account-bound gear. Find out more in-game April 15.

Budgie Week Returns in Rift

Ride the adorable Budgies in daily racing games for special loot, or acquire the brand new Umbral Budgie from one of the Umbral Budgie Troves for a limited time. The Umbral Budgie has a heart of gold…and murder.

SWTOR Double XP Weekend Returns

For those who are still leveling characters or interested in starting an alt, it’s that time of month again. April 11-14 is Double XP Weekend.