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April Astroloigcal Aspects: Growing Grand Cardinal Cross

End of the Line
Catherine Al-Meten

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, in the first days of the New lunar month ruled by Aries, the Sun is at13/57 Aries. This is a very active month, and some of the major shifts and influences are already starting to be felt. Astrology reflects the energy that builds, changes, and moves us and all that is, in the dynamic birth, growth, and transformational nature of our Universe.

The Moon is at 4/1 Gemini, the Mercury is at 23/36 Pisces, Venus is at 27/50, Aquarius, and Mars is at 20/51 Libra. Jupiter is at 11/42 Cancer, Saturn is at 22/28 Scorpio retrograde, Uranus is at 12/33 Aries. Neptune is at 6/26 Pisces, Pluto is at 13/32 Capricorn, and the True North is at Node 28/24 Libra. Chiron continues her transit at 1/16 of Pisces.

Thursday the Moon enters Gemini after making a number of aspects (squares and semi-squares) during the night in the last degrees of Taurus.
Waking up with the Moon in Gemini may spark some edgy, flighty feelings as the Moon in Gemini forms a difficult aspect to Mars in the morning, and then squares Neptune in the early evening.

Friday, the Venus semi-squares Pluto in the morning, highlighting conflicts, challenges, and relationship tensions and issues. Look beneath the surface to sense what hidden motivations, wounds, and suppressed desires may be operating in relationships and perceptions. Whatever it is that we fear losing, raises up to the surface at this time, and the feelings and intensity have an effect on how we appear and relate to others. Any insecurities that we have not faced, characterize and color the way we experience this aspect. Along with the Moon in Gemini’s effect on our moods, this aspect makes for a rather jumpy, intense kind of period. Find ways to channel and use the energy, and avoid confrontations that are characterized by a sense of feeling out of control. This aspect affects attractions, romance, love, friendship-relationships of all kinds. It also has an impact on how we handle our finances. All these issues relate to how we value ourselves. Time to be clear about how our expectations do or do not fit with the reality of our relationships. Notice where you may be fooling yourself, using your desires and expectations to manipulate or coerce others into doing your bidding. Pay attention to where there may be a discrepancy between what you believe and desire, and how you are living. There may be some incongruity between perceptions and the reality of how you are living.

The Cardinal Grand Cross. This month is highlighted and energized by the Cardinal Grand Cross that is growing. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are the Cardinal planets. Each of these points in our charts/lives represents the seasonal turning points, and wherever they are positioned in your chart, indicate the major areas where this Grand Cardinal Cross has been building up. Aries represents beginnings, the self (as it is conceived and projected to others) and represents self awareness, personality, the ego, and the anima. It also represents the masks we wear and how we are perceived. Cancer represents relationships, our sense of home and our need for security. Cancer is also the ruler of fathers, psychological foundations, home and family, heritage and abodes. Libra, represents our search for justice, truth, and equity in relationships. Libra also represents marriages, partnership, contracts, and the animus. Capricorn represents established systems, and and all 10th house areas (career, life purpose, honor, sense of authority, direction and life purpose). Look at these areas of your life to determine what issues, opportunities, experiences, and challenges are being affected by the Grand Cardinal Cross.

The planets forming the Grand Cardinal Cross also bring distinctly different energies and challenges to this major transit. Mars in Libra is the archetype of the warrior, and represents war, aggression, power strategies, desire, motivation, and action.

Jupiter in Cancer rules abundance, faith, beliefs and spirituality, growth, learning, and intuitive and Divine wisdom.

Uranus in Aries rules sudden and unexpected changes, shocks and disruptions, freedom and revolution, and transformative upheavals. Uranus is apt to be the planet and energy that wakes us up in sudden, unexpected ways. Uranus is the awakener, and we may find that we’re awoken both figuratively and literally to major changes in our lives.

Pluto, the Great Transformer, is in Capricorn, deals with transformation, use of power, transition and uprooting, elimination, intention, and will power.

At the time of the peak of the Grand Cardinal Cross, April 23-24, all four planets will be at 13 degrees of their respective signs. This degree represents change, transformation, completion, and use of energy/magic to bring harmony between the feminine and the masculine. This works within each of us, and well as between us. Whatever needs to break apart, be eliminated, or completed, happens within us as well as within our lives.

As the Grand Cross reaches its height, it coincides with Uranus in aspect to Mercury in Pisces and Juno--the breaking of karmic ties, contracts, and promises and vows that have ended. Notice also where Mars is retrograde and transiting Libra for areas where you may be feeling defensive or challenged. Look to see what needs to be acknowledged, faced, or acted upon now. And where Jupiter in your chart, is revealing the paths, calling for new plans, or raising hope for a new life, new direction, and promise that rises out of what has fallen apart.

The effects of the Grand Cardinal Cross begin before it peaks, and last long after it. Now is the time to observe how you have been learning to deal with these areas of your life, and how you are using your energy, making necessary changes, and how you are free to move in and out of the movement, challenges, and gifts of this transformative time.

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