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April 28 is National Prescription Drug Take-back Day

Mark your calendar and find the nearest take-back location near you
Mark your calendar and find the nearest take-back location near you
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Let's face it. We all have an assortment of half-empty prescription drug bottles sitting in cabinet drawers, on medicine chest shelves, and maybe even stuffed in the deep recesses of our purses. Long-forgotten and most probably out-of-date.

National Prescription Drug Take-back Day is Saturday, April 28, 2012. The event is organized by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, DEA, and the event gives you the opportunity to turn in all of your unused and expired prescription drugs to a designated location.

Michigan provides a long list of take-back locations near you. Please click here to access Michigan's list. It is updated often, so if you don't see a site near you now, check back.

Americans that participated in the last drug take-back program in October, 2011, turned in more than 188.5 tons of unwanted or expired prescription drugs for safe and proper disposal.

The take-back program is an excellent way to keep prescription drugs out of the hands of children and drug-abusers. Officials in Michigan agencies have stressed the alarming rates of overdose and addiction associated with prescription drug abuse in the state. Statistics indicate that more Michigan residents are dying from prescription drug abuse than from use of heroin and cocaine combined.

Michigan is one of 15 states in the country where prescription drug overdose is the second leading cause of unintentional death, just behind automobile crashes. The state is also ranked among the top five states in prescription misuse among youth in the nation.

So mark your calendar and find the nearest take-back location near you. Reduce the risk of prescription drug diversion and abuse by clearing out and disposing of unused and expired prescription drugs.

DEA prescription drug take-back program

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