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April 2014 psychic tips for professional success

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Leaving a party last weekend, a friend reminded me of our bet: he bets that April-May won't be any more tense or drama-filled than usual, to hell with my histrionics about the planets. I bet that Spring's critical planetary activity will translate months that produce both extraordinary crises and opportunities, for individuals and nations alike. If there's anything to astrology, I'm going to win a beer.

This Spring can take you to a place where there's no escaping and you must examine what is stagnant in your life. Anything fetid within will get thrown up in the name of personal healing and development. You will also be shown where your life can flow...strong trickles that bode success are in evidence, too.

Spring Tips for Professional Success: "Thin, Clean up, and Complete-Deal With Debris" before launching into new goals.

Don't rush into things this Spring, you can rush right into a conflict or screw up your chances by being hasty: make the proper preparations.

If you're in a hole this Spring with a project, the best thing to buy yourself is time, and to not give up on what is nearest to becoming a reality, or most likely to benefit you in work. If something you want to do is having a hard time manifesting, try to get through April and May without giving up.

Focus on your power, not your problems. Success requires complete surrender to making something, and singing YOUR song, without worrying about the competition and how many other people on the planet are singing THEIR song.

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